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Dear Republican Friend:

Having passed on the office of Wise County Republican Chairman January 14, 2008, this letter comes to you as an opinion communication from a Wise County Republican private citizen, and in no way is an expression of any organization.

It is extremely important that you vote for Phil King as District #61 Texas State Representative in the March 4, 2008 Republican Primary Election, and for you to urge as many friends as you can to follow suit. Many of you receiving this need more than just my immediate word about this, so the paragraphs below tell why this is important, in light of the fact that he has a Republican Primary opponent, Mr. Joe Tison.  If not, you can skip the rest of the letter and get to work!

The purpose of a Primary Election is for a political party to determine who will represent its values and positions in the November General Election.  A Primary Election can be sabotaged by putting unusual resources behind a candidate who does not really represent that party.  I believe that is what may be happening in this race.  Some call such people, RINO's (Republican In Name Only)!  The really aren't Republicans, but file in a Republican Primary Election, because of some reason not compatible with the usual purpose of a Primary Election. 

My personal research has been among a number of Republican leaders in Parker County, where Mr. Tison has served most recently as Mayor of Weatherford.  Reports and photographs have come to me of him participating in various events promoting the Democratic Party of Parker County, including introducing well known Democrat Jim Wright as a speaker.  Many of the Republicans in Parker County with whom I've spoken view his political patterns as being more like the goals and prospects expected in the Democratic Party.  Therefore, one would expect Mr. Tison to be a valid candidate in the Democratic Party Primary Election.  That is perfectly fine to be such a candidate to face off in November.

Unfortunately, voters typically turn out in less numbers for Primary Elections in the spring than do voters participate in November.  Therefore, some perceive it easier to "knock off" an incumbent candidate in the Primary Election, if enough funds are poured into a publicity campaign.  We are influenced so much by media, which is sad.

So, why would any interests want to "knock off" Representative King?

Let's look at who Mr. King is.  He came from a modest family in North Texas.  He served a number of years as a Police Officer for the Fort Worth Police Department, while he secured his law degree at Texas Wesleyan.  He practiced law and later won his current position in the Texas Legislature, where he has served almost a decade. He  has become one of the most effective Republican Legislators I have seen.  He stands for the things that reflect Republican values .... less taxes ... less government intrusion in our lives .... more say so by individuals and families in what they do and how they have their children educated, ... he stands for moral and Biblical standards of ethics and right living.  Many people, like me, identify with what he does and that is why we have repeatedly re-elected him to his position. 

What drives any reason to unseat a Legislator such as Mr. King?

The drive to secure more state revenue so other taxes can be kept in line or reduced brings Legislators to ideas that include, for example, having and hiking "sin" taxes.  Sin tax is to tax something many citizens agree are activities that should not be done and usually would not want their children to do such things. They are willing to have the activities exist in our society and to tax it.  When a "sin" is taxed, it has a way of legitimizing the activity, and then the government also manages it!  If we could tax sexual activity outside of marriage or even just prostitution (if such collection could be administrated), we might see lots of tax revenue.  If we pass that legislation saying it's all for education, it really makes it popular with many people.  Then, the state (and often private citizens) are in the position of encouraging others to pursue that activity so we can raise our tax income "for education!" 

Would you encourage your newly 18 year old child to participate in prostitution, just because we developed a manner to tax it for education?  I think not!   So, what is the current "sin" that is raising its head for the legislature to consider and possibly affects this race between King and Tison?

Gambling interests have been pressing hard in recent years to have gambling legalized and taxed in Texas.  Phil King has been a linchpin preventing the advance of gambling to be established through Texas legislation.  If King can be beat, it is perceived by some that the gambling interests might have a break-through in getting what they want.  I do not have provable evidence, but it would not surprise me to see Mr. Tison to have a campaign that greatly outspends what Mr. King can afford, and I suppose much of the source of the political gifts would be hidden as coming from those of gambling interests. Otherwise, I can see little merit in Mr. Tison being in the Republican Primary instead of the Democratic Primary.  Also, the far reaching success of Mr. King in accomplishing Republican type legislation makes him a natural for the other party to want to replace him..

I have met Mr. Tison, and he is a very cordial and nice man.  I just wish he would run on a platform that it appears to me more readily represents those things for which he stands.

We need YOU to spread the word to vote for Phil King!  He will not have the funds for a far-reaching publicity campaign.  YOU are the one to substitute for that.  Get out and tell people what is neeed!  He is the one we want and need in the Texas Legislature District #61!

Your Republican friend,

D. A. Sharpe, Private Citizen


What ever expense incurred with sending this political communication is borne by me personally