The Family, History & Politics of Dwight Albert Sharpe

An Autobiography by

Dwight Albert (D. A.) Sharpe


Most Recent Update: 

 November 5, 2017


In 2017 Work is being done on an Autobiography that includes genealogical and ancestral reports, composed for the benefit of my children, grandchildren and any others interested in our family history & heritage. ItŐs a work using 74 chapters to cover its subjects. 


Readers may look in on the progress by clicking the file below in which you wish to view the work.  The modern approach to publication afforded by the Internet existence circumvents the traditional process of printing books in hard paper formats.  They are calling them E-Books.  As various descriptive words are used or other places or events are given mention, a hyperlink is embedded in that those words.  The reader tn can click on the hyperlink, if more detailed information is wanted. 


For example, Chapter 20 is the genealogy of the Sharpe family name, one of various family names included in this work. That Chapter 20 uses nine pages for what it tells.  However, it has 18 hyperlinks embedded in its words that represent pop-overs to another 430 pages, one part of which is a 165 page descendants report for 10 generations of the Sharpe Family surname.


So using this approach to publishing embellishes the quality of information access from which the reader can chose.  Currently, my estimate is the project is about 75% complete.  About 10 chapters, perhaps 100 more pages, are yet to be written or finished.


Presently there are 402 pages viewable.  They have 476 photographs or images in them, 844 hyperlinks embedded in the words, which represent 13,241 additional pages. This truly is an encyclopedic presentation.  

Click Here to get the introductory Sections of the Autobiography

Click here to go to the Table of Contents to Chose a Chapter to View

There are several ways to view the autobiography.  Remember, this autobiography is a large document, which takes time to open, so be patient for the files to open.


The most complete file is the Word version.  It cannot be viewed online, but clicking on it will download that file to the Download Folder in YOUR computer. The Word version will function with all the hyperlinks, both embedded and open displayed.  All the photographs will display. 

You may keep the downloaded Autobiography recorded on your computer, and may copy any parts of it you wish.   


The PDF version is viewable online, and all the photographs display throughout the entire document.  However, hyperlinks embedded in words do not operate.  Those few hyperlinks that are displayed in their raw form do operate.


Here is a look at an outline of the Chapters, showing how many pages, photographs, and hyperlinks are in each Chapter.  It also shows how many pages are viewable through the hyperlinks. The chapters with multiple pages have had work and may be completed.

The chapters with only 1 page means, in most cases, no work yet.
Searching with a Find for "==" will take you to where I'm working most recently.


Here's A Progrtam Script About Presenting How To Build an Autobiograpy Like This


If you see errors or know of additional information you could offer for me to consider adding into this document, your suggestions would be welcomed. 


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