Table of Contents

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Chapter 1   The Setting of Dwight Albert Sharpe

Chapter 2   The Beginnings – Ballinger, Texas

Chapter 3   The First Big City Step – Houston, Texas

Chapter 4   Back Out to West Texas – Sweetwater, Texas

Chapter 5   Big D & the High School Years – Dallas, Texas

Chapter 6   College Days at Austin College, Sherman, Texas

Chapter 7   College Days Employment

Chapter 8   College Days at the University of Texas, Austin, Texas

Chapter 9   First Post-College Occupation – New Orleans, Louisiana

Chapter 10 Meeting & Claiming the Woman of my Life:

Suzanne Margaret Boggess

Chapter 11 Building Your Family with Spiritual Principles

Chapter 12 A Call to St. Louis, Missouri

Chapter 13 Coming Home to Texas (Dallas)

Chapter 14 Graduating to Wise County, Texas as a Senior Citizen

Chapter 15 My Spiritual Journeys

Chapter 16 My Political Journeys

Chapter 17 My Genealogical Journeys

Chapter 18 My Journalistic Endeavors

Chapter 19 Nicholas Philip Trist – U S Diplomat of Interesting Distinction


Chapter 20 Sharpe Family Genealogy from German Palatines


Chapter 21 Bradford Family Genealogy


Chapter 22 Carpenter Family Line Genealogy


Chapter 23 Dixon Family Line (First of our Family in Texas)


Chapter 24 Kellogg Family Line


Chapter 25 Chapman Family Line


Chapter 26 Abney Family Line (our longest direct line – 47 Generations)

Chapter 27 The Rockefeller Family Line

Chapter 28 McElroy Family Line

Chapgter 29 Heard Family Line


Chapter 30 Westmoreland Family Line


Chapter 31 Boggess Family Line


Chapter 32 Jumper Family Line


Chapter 33 My Father – The Rev. Mr. Dwight Alfred Sharpe

Chapter 34 My Father-in-Law – Mr. Thomas Shelton Boggess, Jr.

Chapter 35 My Sister, Elizabeth Anne Sharpe Jumper


Chapter 36 My Sister, Martha de Noailles Sharpe Ehlers


Chapter 37 My Wealthy New York Relative, Willis Sharpe Kilmer


Chapter 38 Our Family’s Two Nobel Peace Prize Winners


Chapter 39 Alfred Lansing Sharpe, First Republican in Texas Legislature


Chapter 40 Our Family Connection -Two Greatest Documents of Governance


Chapter 41 History of Four Fair Grounds in Noxubee County Mississippi


Chapter 42  Four Knights on A Charge – A 1929 Trip Out West


Chapter 43  The Saga of Irby Holt Boggess

Chapter 44  Tales of Dr. John Thomas Taylor, a Boggess Family Dentist

Chapter 45  Noah Webster, Lexicographer, Dictionary of 1828

Chapter 46  George Washington, the Father of our Country

Chapter 47  Isaac Watts, the Father of English Hymnody


Chapter 48  First Thanksgiving Celebration in Texas – 1598


Chapter 49  The Plymouth Colony Thanksgiving Proclamation


Chapter 50  My Story Telling Series


Chapter 51  Our Family’s Connections to 17 of the 45 U.S. Presidents


Chapter 52  Our Family’s Connections to 63 British Monarchs


Chapter 53  Organizations of Which I Am a Member


Chapter 54 The Churches in My Life


Chapter 55  Smith Wigglesworth


Chapter 56  George Eastman


Chapter 57  Godwulf – My earliest lateral ancestor

Chapter 58  The Legendary J. P. Morgan

Chapter 59  My Mother, Martha Dixon Chapman Sharpe

Chapter 60  My Mother-in-Law, Alice Loraine McElroy Boggess

Chapter 61  Our Family and the Chase National Bank

Chapter 62  Alfred the Great in our Family


Chapter 63  William the Conqueror in our Family


Chapter 64  Earliest Known Christian in our Family – King Ceawlin


Chapter 65  King James of the Bible


Chapter 66  Today’s English Queen Elizabeth II


Chapter 67  Movie Personality Clint Eastwood


Chapter 68  Legendary Teddy Roosevelt, Soldier, President, Hunter


Chapter 69  Teaching Our Children How Our Nation is Governed


Chapter 70  Frith Lake Social Club


Chapter 71  Preparing for Graduation to Heaven


Chapter 72  Publications & Magazines to Which I Subscribe

Chapter 73  Directory of Relatives

Chapter 74  Conclusion