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Chapter 18 - My Journalistic Endeavors

My newspaper publication presence did not begin till the printing of a Letter to the Editor, October 10, 1994 in the Dallas Morning News.  The editors liked my comments well enough to have its art staff create a cartoon image to accompany my letter!


The concern expressed in my letter was the fact that our national debt had arisen to about $4 Trillion!  As this is being written in 2017, the national debt is about $20 Trillion! 


Here is a live-time U.S. Debt Clock that shows many aspects of income, debt and government expenses.  ItÕs a bit frightening!


Here are articles IÕve written or articles about me.


As we became involved in life in our North Texas home and community, various occasions began to arise that gave me opportunities to compose materials the local newspapers wanted to publish.  Most of these were in the Wise County Messenger (Decatur, Texas) and in the Bridgeport Index (Bridgeport, Texas).  Some appeared in the near-by Fort Worth Star Telegram.   In this chapter, the articles will be sequenced by date.  Click on the date to see the digital copy.


December 29, 2004 The Wise County Messenger

HereÕs the front page of the newspaper December 30, 2004


This is the story, not by me, but about a winning sheriff and me.  David Walker ran against a field of 5 candidates and won without a runoff!  At that time in the election night process, he still was reluctant to claim victory, I, as Chairman of the Wise County Republican Party, raised his arm in victory, proclaiming him as the new sheriff in town, actually, at the time, he was the YOUNGEST SHERIFF in Texas (age 32)!  This story was proclaimed by the Wise County Messenger as the Big Story of the Year!





December 10, 2010, the Wise County Messenger (large type version)

December 16, 2010, the Wise County Messenger


The USS Fort Worth was Christened in Wisconsin in December 6, 2010.  This is the account of the Fort Worth area leaders who attended this significant event.




April 28, 2012, the Bridgeport Index:


This is an article discussing how one should go about deciding what political causes you should support, either financially or by working/endorsing.



August 15, 2012, the Wise County Messenger


This article was about the dedication ceremony August 6, 2012 in the city of Fort Worth of the USS Fort WorthÕs anchor.

September 14, 2013 the Wise County Messenger

This is the article about my stopping down from leadership as elected Chairman of the Republican Party for eight years, and presently in this article, Directory of Communications for the past five years, due to health matters.




March 10, 2016 Fort Worth Star Telegram

This is an article about why Congress adopted March 14th as National Pi Day!



September 26, 2012 the Wise County Messenger

(Large type copy of article for easier readability)


This is the Commissioning of the USS Fort Worth on Saturday, September 22, 2012 in Galveston, Texas.  Hundreds of citizens from the Fort Worth area attended.


Wednesday, April 19, 2017 The Wise County Messenger


This article is about the community event sponsored by the USS Fort Worth Support Committee to celebrate the recognition of the first female ship captain for the USS Fort Worth. 



May 10, 2017 The Wise County Messenger

(HereÕs a larger type copy for easier reading)

HereÕs the May 4, 2017 article in the Bridgeport Index


These are the articles about the National Day of Prayer in Decatur, Texas.




May 10, 2017 The Wise County Messenger (large print version)


This is an article about the annual Joe T. GarciaÕs support event in Fort Worth for our Congressional Representative, Kay Granger, former Mayor of Fort Worth.


August 10, 2017 The Bridgeport Index. 

A very good article was published by Keith Bridwell, the on the subject of the effects in North Texas of a large salt sea present in pre-historic times.  It was so well done that we were moved to send a letter to the editor to compliment him.  In turn, the Bridgeport Index returned the honor by publishing my letter as a Letter to the Editor. ItÕs an example of showing how itÕs positive to make complimentary remarks to people in the public domain when they are deserved.


October 14, 2017, The Wise County Messenger

An occasion to give praise to one of the talented staff people on this newspaper, Mr. Joe Duty.



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