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Chapter 53 Organizations of Which I Am a Member


Obviously, Suzanne and I have been very active in a church where ever we have lived. It always is an integral part of our lives and a source of warm fellowship and friendships. An expression on my Christian commitments is embodied in the various organizations I or we chose to join. Part of the call we feel God has for us is participation in our community at large.


Not only is that participation in some of the ordinary organizations one might expect, we have been involved in family and genealogical, historical and in political organizations.


To be a member of an organization, you apply for membership and pay dues, or you are elected to a position in an organization, or you are appointed to a position.


For example, I was appointed by our Wise County Judge to be Chairman of the Wise County Election Ballot Board, the group of citizens who oversee the election processes when they occur.  The Aurora City Council appointed me Chairman of its Historical Preservation Commission. 


There have been occasion for me to coach and mentor political candidates for office. Part of that has been to provide a guide for Speaking and Writing Tips. Associated with that mentoring, a general course was developed on government, political elements and how they all intermingle. 



Here are the organizations:

Christians United for Israel. It advocates with Congress our support for good relations between our nation and Israel.

Ex-Students Association of the University of Texas
         This is the alumni association for University of Texas students from the Austin, TX campus. The Life Member status began in 1963, the year following my graduation. My membership was the 742nd one. Today, there are over 90,000 members. In 2016, I learned that there were only 214 members still alive who joined prior to my membership!


US Selective Service System Local Board Member of the State of Texas 
         In case Congress institutes the military draft, this board would oversee its process. My membership is in the North Texas area for the Draft Board. It is a federal level organization.


Sons of the Republic of Texas #7,961  

         This is a genealogical organization promoting Texas history. To be a member, you must document that you are descended directly from a citizen of the Republic of Texas, which existed 1835-1846. That citizen must have resided in Texas prior to February 19, 1846, the day the first State Governor of Texas, James Henderson, was sworn in, and the Republic of TexasÕ national authority was transferred to the United States of America. My membership was on October 27, 2005


Ephraim M. Doggett Fort Worth Chapter #36 of Sons of Republic of Texas  This is the local chapter of the Sons of the SRT, for which I have served as webmaster, secretary and vice president, since 2005.



Texas Navy Association This is an organization of citizens who have been Commissioned by the Governor as an Admiral in the Texas Navy. It is an honorary action, bestowed upon people who have contributed in large measure to the good or benefit of the State of Texas. In our family, we are pleased that both Suzanne and I have been commissioned as Texas Admirals (she by Gov. Gregory Abbott on March 27, 2015 and me by Gov. Rick Perry on July 16, 2008).


Texas State Historical Society is a State of Texas agency promoting Texas history


English-Speaking Union of the United States 

         This is a cultural interest organization which promotes knowledge and history of the relationships between England and the United States. We are members of the local chapter in Dallas, which provides dinners and monthly program. Our son, Taylor Marcus Sharpe also is a member and an officer in that chapter.


Sons of the American Revolution
         This is a genealogical interest organization whose members have documented a direct lineal relationship with someone who served in the military or assisted the military in in the strive for independence from the rule of England in the American Revolution. I joined in 1988, member #131,981.


Texas Society of the Sons of the American Revolution
         This is the State of Texas organization of the SAR (above), I am member #6,157.


Texas Society of the Sons of the American Revolution #6,157 -Dallas Chapter  This is the Dallas local chapter which I joined in 1988.


The Texas Society of Washington, D. C.

         This is a bi-partisan social organization of fellowship among Texans who reside in the Washington D.C. area, or who have occasions to frequent Washington D.C. It provides quarterly social events. ItÕs most notable social event is the Black Tie & Boots Ball every four years, held on January 19, the evening prior to the Inauguration of the U.S. President for the next four years. A uniqueness of this ball is that with the formal sartorial splendor expected, the attendees wear cowboy boots and hats, along with their black-tie formality. The President visits briefly during the Ball. Suzanne and I have attended two such balls for President George W. Bush and one for Barack Obama. In the photo are our D.C. lodging hosts and friends, mostly from Texas.

Here we are at the 2009 Black Tie & Boots Ball when Obama was Inaugurated. These are our D.C. hosts and friends (one even a former from the CIA, but we canÕt identify him!)

Dallas Genealogical Society - Life Member #2,245
         This organization chiefly pursues interest in Dallas & Texas History.


Chapman Family Association  This is my motherÕs maiden name. This is a genealogical study organization.   It includes Johnny Appleseed!


Noxubee County (MS) Historical Society This is the home county in Mississippi where my father-in-law is native and my wife grew up.

Wise County (TX) Historical Society - This is the organization interested in history and genealogy in Wise County, our chosen home county since 1999.


Chairman, Wise County Ballot Board  -  This is an appointed position, nominated by the Wise County Elections Director, Sabra Srader, and appointed by the County Judge, J. D. Clark.

Historical Preservation Commission, City of Aurora, TX (Chairman), appointed by the City Council.


Prayer Leader Member at my Church, EMIC. Appointed by Prayer Ministry Director Ms. Iva Bennett.

Former Elected Chairman Wise County Republican Party (2000-2008)


Alternate Delegate from Texas to 2012 National Republican Convention    In the list of notable speakers, you can note Clint Eastwood, famous movie film star, and my seventh cousin, three times removed! 


Recording Clerk for the Wise Republican Women, the Wise County affiliate of the Texas Federation of Republican Women.


USS Fort Worth Steering Committee is a Fort Worth area citizens group that supports the cityÕs name-sake U.S. Naval Combat Ship, the USS Fort Worth.  My service on it is a liason for the Ephraim M. Daggett Chapter of the Sons of the Republic of Texas, as well as formerly for the Nimitz Squadron of the Texas Navy Association. 


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