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Chapter 72  Publications & Magazines to Which I Subscribe


It can be interesting to notice what people read in the way of sources periodically provided in our society.  Our subscription list generally reflects values or causes, which we support.  However not all subscriptions mean support.  Some of these are generic sources in which we just want to see whatŐs going on.  Some reflect causes we do not support, but subscribe so we can be aware of what Ňthe oppositionÓ says. HereŐs our list. ItŐs a random list, its order not intending to signify anything.  Generally, itŐs grouped by print newspapers, then by magazines. 



The print media most faithfully read daily is the Holy Bible.  Suzanne & I have followed daily reading schedules in it, covering the entire Bible every year since 1986!  So, the year 2017 is our 32nd time to read through the Bible. We keep learning new things! 




Wise County Messenger


Bridgeport Index


Fort Worth Star Telegram


Wall Street Journal


ReaderŐs Digest*


Forbes Magazine




BelieverŐs Voice of Victory


Texas Co-op Power


Texas Parks & Wildlife


Southern Living


Time Magazine


Noxubee County (MS) Historical Society Quarterly ŇBulletinÓ


Wise County (TX) Historical Society Quarterly Newsletter (L)


Sons of the American Revolution Monthly Magazine


CFA Quarterly Newsletter (Chapman Family Association)


Dallas SAR Chapter Monthly Newsletter (Sons of American Revolution)


The Torch (Christians United for Israel)


English Speaking Union Monthly Newsletter


Alcalde Magazine (Ex Students Association University of Texas at Austin) (L) [am Life Member   from 1963, #742 out of 90,000+ today. Only 200 or so are lower numbers than mine still alive]


Southwestern Historical Quarterly, publication of the Texas State Historical Association




*ReaderŐs Digest is a magazine always known to me, as my parents subscribed to it all my remembered life.  After graduating from college in 1962, I entered by own subscription in 1964 and have been a continuous subscriber and faithful reader ever since then.  ItŐs my longest association with any kind of commercial periodical print media!


(L) Life Time Member







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