Review of Freedom Equity Group


March 16, 2018, D. A. Sharpe


These are my thoughts after attending last evening a presentation by promoters of the Freedom Equity Group in Southlake, Texas. 



This is the home website of the Freedom Equity Group (FEG).



Freedom Equity Group is what is called a MLM.  That is a Multiple Level Marketing financial activity.  MLMs operate around allegedly selling a product (insurance in the case of FEG), yet most of the “commissions” seem to be derived by its agents “recruiting” friends, family and associates into becoming other agents.



Here is the review by a third-party evaluator who cites several red flags about the Freedom Equipment Group



Here is an evaluating source that discerns that Freedom Equity Group is a scam.


The Freedom Equity Group presentation:


The personnel presenting FEG last evening are exceptionally outgoing and filled with expressions of enthusiasm.  They appeared to want me to experience exceptionally good income results by joining them. 


There was no definitive description of the insurance products to be sold, nor detail about how the customers would benefit from wise and prudent investment into their insurance products. 


Their presentation was positive, yet without professional polish.  It can be suspected that not many educated (higher education degreed people) are among the people promoting this opportunity.  For the most part, they could be more sophisticated in public addressing by following principles in “Speaking and Writing with Effectiveness.”



My original motivation to attend was to learn whether their life insurance product was something I should want to purchase.  Instead, I was the focus in trying to interest me in becoming an agent who would solicit the interest of others to become agents as well. 


This currently is not an interest on my part, and so I decline to participate in the opportunity.



Thoughts assembled by:


Dwight Albert (D. A.) Sharpe

805 Derting Road East

Aurora, TX 76078-3712