King Cerdic

Compiled by D. A. Sharpe


Cerdic's birth is uncertain, but some have ventured the approximate birthdate of 487 AD at Ancient Saxony, Northern Germany. 


It must be stated that professional genealogists generally believe that accurate documentation of information prior to the 1600s is of doubtful accuracy, and generally matters not easily documented.  Records were not given as serious attention in those cultures as we'd hoped in our modern days.  However, it is my inclination to think that information about those ancient individuals who had some fame and some royalty may have a little more believable accuracy than non-royal people, leads me to give enough cautionary credence as to enable me in enjoying the stories!


King Cerdic is the 50th great grandfather of my son-in-law, Steven Odis Westmoreland.  King Cerdic is the 37th great grandfather of Edward Southworth, who is the first husband of Alice Carpenter, my seven times great grandmother.  Southworth is my 25th cousin, eight times removed.  My daughter and son-in-law were related prior to their marriage.   Tiffany Lenn Sharpe and Steven O. Westmoreland are 34th cousins, four times removed.  Cerdic is the 20th great grandfather of 14th great grand uncle of husband of my 7th great grandmother Alice Carpenter


It was said that Cerdic and his son, Cynric, came into Britain on five ships about 495 AD.  They were one of those many nomadic Germanic tribes of people whose barbarian savagery and rough manner of life struck terror in the hearts of many peoples wherever they were attacked across Europe.  He was a Saxon earldorman who founded a settlement on the coast of what became known as Hampshire, England.


By the time Cerdic was born, according to tradition, St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, may have already died in Saul, Ireland on March 17, 461 or maybe as late as 493.




Cerdic was recognized as King of the West Saxons in 519, and reined until 534.  In 534, Cerdic's forces conquered the Isle of Wright. Later in this year was when Cerdic died.


We all have heard of the illusive King Author of England.  It seems impossible to pinpoint who he was or exactly when he, if he was one person and not an embodiment of several hero Kings, ruled English land sides.  However, the time of Cerdic's arrival is right in the timespan when many believe King Author was roving the land.





"Cerdic, a patriarch of royalty in Saxony, landed in Hampshire in 495 and in 519 gained a victory at Charford. He was first crowned King of the West Saxons, when, as it is reported, the legendary King Arthur, who had his castle on the steep coast of Cornwall, yielded to him the section of land now known as Hampshire and Somerset. In 520, being unable to extend his rule west of the Avon, and defeated at Badbury County Dorset, Cedric withdrew. Ten years later he conquered the Isle of Wight. He died in 534. Cerdic is said to be the founding figure of the West Saxon dynasty. However, much of this is obscure and not documented, subject to dispute by history scholars. There was no secure chronicle in the 6th century. (Wurts)"











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