George Eastman

These are a series of single line charts to compare distant relationships:


This compares Alamo soldier John Benjamin Kellogg, Jr. to his ancestor, Joseph Kellogg:

Fourth Great Grand Parents         

The Alamo's John Benjamin (Johnny) Kellogg relationship to D A Sharpe        

Eystein Glumra Ivarsson


Eystein Glumra Ivarrson to Trist

Godwulf, My most Distant Relative

Godwulf through my Westmoreland family


This compares Joseph Kellogg's descendancy to my son, Taylor Marcus Sharpe:

Seventh Great Grand Parents


Eystein Glumra Ivarsson chart down to George Washington

James Madison

James Madison Relatilon to Steve Westmoreland

Eystein Glumra Ivarsson chart down to Taylor Marcus Sharpe

King George III Related to D.A. Sharpe


English King Edward I Relation to D A Sharpe


English King Edward I relationship to George Washington

English King George I (George Ludwig)

President William Howard Taft Relation to D A Sharpe

Jefferson Davis

King George V (1865-1936) Relationaship

Queen Victoria (died 1901)


Roosevelt, Franklin Delano

J. P. Morgan

Gerald Spencer (1576 - 1646)

Henry Spencer (My Relation to G Washington Ancestor)


Henry Spencer Relatinship to George Washington


Charles Patrick Vance

Karen Wood (my California 6th cousin, twice removed in Sharp line)

Sir Winston Churchill to Me.







Abraham Lincoln

Benedict Arnold


State Legislator Phil King


Howard Pelham, First Treasurer of Harvard


English King Henry VIII


English King Charles I


English Queen Anne II


King Ceawlin


Eystein Glumra Ivarsson


Clint Eastwood to Me

Thomas Jefferson 3 Generation Descendants

Thomas Jefferson to Me


George EastmasGeorge Eastman

Woodhull, Margaret Louise to me

Nicholas Philip Trist to DA


Sir Thomas Abney

Karen Wood (my 6th cousin, twice removed in Sharp line from California)


Noah Webster

Robert Todd Lilncoln

Queen Anne Stuart


Lana Scott to D A

Felix Benedict Dixon to DAS


Lt. George P. Sharp to DAS

Gov William Bradford


David Rockefeller (1915-2017)


John Davidson Rockefeller, Sr.


Arkansal Governor Winthrop Aldrich Rockefeller