Cynric, King of the West Saxons

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Cynric is estimated to have been born about 495 AD.  Cynric, King of the West Saxons, is the 19th great grandfather of William “Count Poitou,” who is the 14th great grand uncle of Sir Edward South, the first husband of Alice Carpenter, my 7th great grandmother.


He was King of Wessex from 534 to 560. Everything known about him comes from the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. There, he is stated to have been the son of Cerdic and also (in the regnal list in the preface) to have been the son of Cerdic's son, Creoda. During his reign, it is said that the Saxons expanded into Wiltshire against strong resistance and captured Searobyrig, or Old Sarum, near Salisbury, in 552. In 556, he and his son Ceawlin won a battle against the Britons at Beranburh, now identified as Barbury Castle.


Vague notes indicated he died in 560, the supposed end of his reign, though it is not known whether death was natural causes or, for example, in battle.  







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