Ine, Wessex King of England

Compiled by D. A. Sharpe



Ine is the 13th great grand uncle of "Count Poitou" William, the 14th great grand uncle of Sir Edward Southworth, the first husband of Alice Carpenter, my 7th great grandmother.  My descending from her is through her second husband, Plymouth Colony Governor William Bradford, a leader among the Mayflower passengers landing in America in 1620, and who was the principal composer of the Mayflower Compact.


Ine was King of Wessex from 688 to 726. He was unable to retain the territorial gains of his predecessor, C¾dwalla, who had brought much of southern England under his control and expanded West Saxon territory substantially. By the end of Ine's reign, the kingdoms of Kent, Sussex, and Essex were no longer under West Saxon domination; however, Ine maintained control of what is now Hampshire, and consolidated and extended Wessex's territory in the western peninsula.

Ine is noted for his code of laws (leges Inae or "laws of Ine"), which he issued in about 694. These laws were the first issued by an Anglo-Saxon king outside Kent. They shed much light on the history of Anglo-Saxon society, and reveal Ine's Christian convictions. Trade increased significantly during Ine's reign, with the town of Hamwic (now Southampton) becoming prominent. It was probably during Ine's reign that the West Saxons began to mint coins, though none have been found that bear his name.


Ine abdicated in 726 to go to Rome, leaving, in the words of the contemporary chronicler Bede, the kingdom to "younger men." He was succeeded by ®thelheard.


"King Ina reigned thirty-seven winters, and fought at Wanborough in 715.  In 728, he went to Rome, and there gave up the ghost."


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