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                                                              BY    T. S. BOGGESS, JR.

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First Fairground:  1850 - 1857



            The first fair was said to have been held on the south side of the Noxubee River, across from Macon.  From the description, it was about a half mile or so north and west of the present brick plant.  Mr. C .C. Eiland and Capt. J. T. Stokes both related this to Mr. John Anderson Tyson in 1926.  Both said the fair was held in the early 1850's, that the grounds were small, and that they believed that possibly only one fair was held at that location.  It was a creditable fair, and it heightened the interest of the people in the continuation of a fair. 


            This fair had exhibits of horses, cattle and agricultural products.  Col. Barry, our Congressman, opened the fair with a speech.  Col. Simeon Orr, one of the more prominent farmers and stock raisers of the day, exhibited the famous trotter he had bought in New York, and which was named, "New York."  Col. Orr also had raised what was said to be the largest hog in the world, weighing over 1,300 pounds.  In addition, he exhibited a huge steer, said to have weighed over 2,500 pounds. 


            The young men of that day always had a tournament during the fair.  The winner, Frank Spann, had the honor of crowning his girl friend, Miss Julie Spooner, as "Queen of Love and Beauty."  The tournament's second place winner was Tom Cockrell, who bestowed a wreath on the Queen's Maid, whose name is now not known. 


            A reference was made in the Macon Beacon that, upon completion of the Mobile and Ohio Railroad to Macon, a celebration and barbecue was held at this first Fairground location on July 4, 1856.  The "Declaration of Independence" was read, and two prominent speakers, Mr. Chandler and Mr. Clark, were there from Mobile.  A crack military company was present from Mobile.  Threatening rain clouds appeared, the "long speaking" of the orators was not deterred, thus delaying the excellent dinner.  A heavy down pour did occur and the dinner was a wash out.  The crowd scurried to carriages and other places of refuge, nibbling on the hurriedly gathered barbecued meats, cakes, pies, etc. 




The Second Fairground:  1857 - 1868


            The next fairs were held on land east of the railroad and immediately east of the store and lumberyard of J. H. Williams, presently occupied by Mize grocery and a number of dwellings built during the 1950's.  A number of fairs were held here prior to the Civil War. 


            The military companies and cavalry had this Fair site, and building as the place of rendezvous before entering the Civil War. 


            "In April, 1861, the Noxubee Rifles entrained for Virginia.  The Noxubee Cavalry impatiently witnessed the farewell ceremonies, wondering why they were not called.  So they started weekly drills and the Cavalry repaired to Camp Goodwin, a few miles below Macon, on the Noxubee River.  Early in June, the company occupied the 'Fairgrounds' in Macon, preparatory to entraining for Union City, Tennessee."  {"Source Material for Mississippi history of Noxubee County," Works Progress Administration (WPA), Vol. 52, Part I, page 146}


            The organization that sponsored these fairs was known as "The Noxubee County Agricultural Society.  Its 1858 organization was to promote a better and improved agriculture through the showing of all kinds of crops and livestock, as well as to satisfy a social need when people from all sections of the county competed in culinary arts, needlecraft and other exhibits. 


            Another account of this early fairground told me by my father, Tom Boggess, Sr., who gave me a silver cup won by his grandmother, Eliza L. Wellborn Boggess.  She was a Wilkes County, Georgia born lady whose 1830 marriage to Bennett Boggess was in Huntsville, Alabama, where she raised her family.  As a widow, she and most of her family moved to Macon by 1856.  The engraving on the cup states, "Premium Noxubee Fair, 1859."  Mrs. J. J. Guy reports having seen a similar cup in Texas won by a former resident of Noxubee County.  Mrs. Guy's great grandfather was Mr. L. W. Walker, Sr. 




Third Fairground:  1869 - 1884


            Some time in the late 1860's, the Noxubee County Agriculture Society organized another fair association.  Mr. H. W. Foote was President and Mr. Robert C. Patty was Secretary.  According to the deed, this was located as follows:  "Land bounded on the east by the old burial grounds, on the north by plot H and I, on the south by 8th Street, and on the west by the street lying east of Plot G."  This can be seen on an official map of Macon in the Chancellor Clerk's office.   This location is known as the "ole Fairgrounds." 






Fall of 1869


            The next reference to a fair was on September 25, 1869, when the Noxubee County Agriculture Society started to infuse new life into the county fair.  A meeting held was a success.  A decision was made to hold a fair at the "ole Fairgrounds" for two days.  This was later changed to the three days of November 4, 5, and 6, 1869. 


            They had much work to do, due to the condition of the "Ole Fairgrounds."  The committee did feel that work progressed well, because of their new system of labor and methods of tilling the soil.  The county should greatly benefit by a free and frequent exchange of opinions.  It was hoped that everyone would recognize the importance of such an undertaking, at least to the extent of becoming a member.  The fee was $1.00, and it was thought that every man in the county, who did not live entirely for one's self, should have his name on the Society roll. 





Fair of 1870



            The Macon Beacon, November 25, 1870, published an article about a meeting being held for the purpose of forming an Agricultural Association in Noxubee County.  The meeting was held November 19.  The Chairman was Maj. G. D. Moore, and the Secretary was J. W. Deupree.  Honorary President was H. E. Foote.  Others listed as attending that meeting were: 


            Dr. S. V. D. Hill                                  Thomas M. Sargeant

            Col. Allen Blewett                            Charles N. Thomas                       

            James B. Shelton                            W. W. Calmes

            W. M. Neves                                      Jesse Morton

            Dr. J. Y. Henderson                         James L. Hibbler

            William Graham

            Capt. H. A. Rice

            G. D. Hams

            William D. Connor      

            Capt. T. J. Deupree

            Jehu Harlan

            Janus Burch

            Dr. Matt Clay

            Thomas S. Gathright




                          THE IN-BETWEEN YEARS


            There appears to be a period of approximately 14 years when no report of a fair could be found in the Macon Beacon.  Mr. C. C. Erland, of Sprott, Alabama, in his July 5, 1926 letter to the Chancellor Clerk, Mr. John Anderson Tyson, was unable to recall any fairs in these years. 









            The Macon Beacon reported in 1877 that Mobile, Alabama, was having its fourth annual Fair, which means it started in 1874, later than Noxubee County did.  Also, the November 3, 1877 issue reported on the Oktibbeha Fair, stating that it was suggested that the counties of Chickasaw, Clark, Lowndes, Monroe, Noxubee and Oktibbeha come together to form a District Fair to be held annually.  Apparently, such a combination never developed. 







Fair of 1884


            On September 1, 1884, Mr. Mat Mahorner, President of the Noxubee County Agriculture Society, and Mr. T. J. Ross, Secretary, obtained a deed to the "Ole Fairgrounds" from Mr. H. W. Foote, former President of that Society.  The deed was dated July 7, and filed September 1, in Deed Book #24, page 209, recording dated October 2, 1884. 


            This was the beginning of another successful run of county fairs, and it was the home of the Noxubee Fairs until the fourth site was built.  Influential men in promoting the fair included Mat Mahorner, John R. Cockrell, E. F. Nunn, J. R. Price, W. W. Calmes, S. A. Jackson, J. W. Deupree and Capt. Thomas S. Boggess (my grandfather).  The second annual Fair at that site was November 4-6, 1885.  Their plans included the statement that the building need not be expensive. 


            The Macon Beacon reports on September 6, 1884, that the Noxubee County Agriculture Society met on September 1, 1884 at 2:00 P.M. for the purpose of electing officers.  The roll of subscribers of capital stock was called to affirm a quorum for elections.  Those elected as officers were: 


                        Mat Mahorner                       President

                        J. H. Jamison                       Vice President, 1st District

                        J. F. McCloud                        Vice President, 2nd District

                        J. L. Griggs                           Vice President, 3rd District

                        F. F. Nunn                             Vice President, 4th District

                        W. W. Calmes                      Vice President, 5th District

                        J. T. Ross                              Secretary

                        Z. T. Dorroh                           Treasurer



            A Nominating Committee to nominate members for an Executive Board was composed of George G. Dillard, J. H. Jamison, J. F. McLeod, J. R. Prince and W. W. Calmes.  The committee reported, and the following were duly elected to the Executive Board: 


            E. D. Cavett        District #1         S. A. Jackson      District #4

            Robert Hibbler  District #2         J. W. Deupree     District #5

            Jake Holberg    District #3


            Also reported in this September 1, 1884 meeting were the following actions: 


                        "The Secretary was ordered to forward a copy of the Charter to the Governor of Mississippi for his approval and for proper recording at the capital. 


                        "The question of having a fair that fall was left to the Executive Board.


                        "That meetings of the Fair stockholders would occur when called by the President or a majority of the Executive Board. 


                        "Robert C. Patty's resolution was unanimously adopted that George G. Dillard be Attorney for this Society for one year from that date, and that he also be a member of the Executive Board.


                        "That the officers and Executive Board members serve office in a one year term from date of this meeting. "




In the Macon Beacon, November 22, 1884, Agricultural Society President, Mat Mahorner, reported: 


            "The fairground is beginning to present an attractive appearance, with a new wall fence enclosing the entire track, with long rows of stock sheds and other necessary buildings. The surface of the track is now being graded and everything should be ready for the first day of the Fair.  And now that the Election is over, it is hoped that all the citizens of Noxubee County, white, black, male, female, old and young, will take an interest in the fun and bring in every article of produce, livestock, etc., that should be of interest and value as an exhibit.  It is hoped that this Fair and future Fairs will be bigger and better until Noxubee County will have the largest and best Fair in the state of Mississippi." 


            When Mr. Foote presented the Fairgrounds deed, cited above, it was stated that this land was to be used by the NCAS for the purpose of a Fair, and if used for anything else, the land would be returned to the original grantors or their heirs. 


            A "Ladies Meeting" also was reported in the September 6, 1884 issue of the Macon Beacon, in an article by T. J. Ross, Chief Commissioner: 


            "To the end that 'Women's Work' in Noxubee County may be fittingly represented in the World's Exposition opening in New Orleans, Louisiana in December next, I have, after consultation with a meeting of the ladies of Macon, at the residence of Mrs. R. W. Phillip at 4:00 o'clock P.M. on Thursday, the 11th of September, called a meeting for the purpose of organizing a Society for the furtherance of this brand of work for the Noxubee County exhibit." 


            So, it should be noted that the Macon ladies had an exhibit over 100 years ago at the 1884 World's Fair in New Orleans. 




Fair of 1885


            The second annual Fair was held at the Old Fairgrounds on November 4-6, 1885.  Calling it a "second" ignored the earlier fairs already described.   In a Macon Beacon article prior to the Fair, it was reported that the buildings needed to be repaired and painted.  It was the opinion of some that there was no need to repair the race track at this time.  Apparently, some thought, there had been too much gambling previously, and they did not feel these vices improved the Fair or was necessary for its success.  Also, some said there was no need to have a military band.  I found later that this track, as well as the new one at the Fairgrounds Number 4, contributed considerably to the Fairs, as well as did the band.  See the September 26, 1885 issue of the Macon Beacon.    



            The account of the 1885 Fair reported in the November 14 issue of the Macon Beacon  listed the following winners: 



            Best mare, 3 years & over             N. H. Harrison

            Best pair harness horses             J. L. Briggs

            Best pair harness mares              J. L. Briggs

            Best stallion, any age                     W. T. Stowers

            Best mare, any age                         M. C. Hambick

            Best gelding, any age                     W. H. Stewart

            Best general purpose horse         W. B. Augustus, Jr.

            Best stallion, 2 years & under       J. N. Holman

            Best mare                                         M. D. Bush

            Best mare, 2 years & under          E. V. Cavett


            SHEEP                                              Robert B. Patty and

                                                                        J. R. Cockrell


            BEST MULE COLT                          E. F. Nunn


            SWINE                                               Mat Mahorner


            POLTRY                                            H. W. Foote

            Best pair of BANTONS               Bennett Boggess (Son of Capt. T. S.

                                                                        Boggess - Age 13)

            Best pair of PIDEONS                Bennett Boggess



            Best bull, 2 years                        Capt. T. S. Boggess

            Best bull, 1 year & under           J. W. Deupree

            Best bull calf                                W. H. Foote

            Best Cow, 3 years                       W. H. Foote

            Best Jersey                                  Mat Mahorner

            Best Holstein                               N. H. Harrison

            Best yoke oxen                            Mat Mahorner

            Best grade Jersey                       W. E. Ferris






            Ladies embroidery                     Edna Bush          Lulu Reeves

                                                                    Lulu Greegs        Sally Phillips


            Best quilt                                       Lula B. Williams


            Oil painting                                   M. C. Hambrick


            Best Caliaco dress,                    Eva Snowden

                        by a young girl


            Many other awards were listed in that issue of the Macon Beacon. 






Fair of 1886



            A premiums listing for the Fair of 1886 is reported on page 2 of the Macon Beacon, Saturday, October 16.  Others were reported in the issue of Saturday, October 23.  That article raised the question, "What is the matter with our farmers?"  The absence of any hog exhibits being entered was deplored.  "We can have no permanent success with our smoke-house in Ohio." 





Fair of 1887



            Hogs arose for the Fair of 1887.  My grandfather, Capt. T. S. Boggess took seriously the previous year's criticisms, and showed only swine.  He won heavily with his Berkshire swine, including the Best Boar of any age or breed.  The complete list of that year's award winners can be seen in page 2 of the Macon Beacon, Saturday, October 29, 1887. 



Fair of 1888


            The Fifth Annual Fair of the Noxubee County Agriculture Society was reported as scheduled to open in Macon on October 16-19, 1888, according to the Macon Beacon, Satuday, October 13.  Mr. J. Holberg was in charge of the purchase privileges for the stands.  John Anderson Tyson offered two pounds of Penn's Celebrated Kitty Mag chewing tobacco. 


            The October 7, 1888 listing of premiums for which competition was scheduled was reported in the Macon Beacon: 


            DIVISION A                    Horses & Mules                                                  

            Class I                           Horses for general purpose

            Class II                          Harness Horses

            Class III                         Saddle Horses

            Class IV                        Mules

            Class V                         Colts

            Class VI                        Jacks & Jennets


            DIVISION B                   Cattle        

            Class I                           Shorthorns

            Class II                          Jerseys

            Class III                         Miscellaneous


            DIVISION C       

            Class I                           Sheep




            Class II                          Swine



            Class III                         Poultry


            DIVISION D

            Class I                           Grain, hay & seed

            Class II                          Cotton

            Class III                         Vegetables, nuts, roots

            Class IV                        Fruits


            DIVISION E

            Class I                           Fine Arts

            Class II                          Zephyrbork, bed-quilts

            Class III                         Embroidery

            Class IV                        Domestic sewing

            Class V                          Work by children

            Class VI                        Miscellaneous


            DIVISION F                                       

            Class I                           Bread & cake

            Class II                          Butter, preserves

            Class III                         Canned fruits & vegetables

            Class IV                        Bread & cakes by children



            The Macon Beacon, October 20, 1888, reported the closing of a successful Fair.  The poultry exhibit was unusually large, varied and excellent, equalling any collection having ever been seen, even that of the St. Louis Fair, which is considered the largest in the West. 


            Culinary, vegetable, horse & mule, cattle, trotting & running horse races, all impressed everyone with the fact that Noxubee County was rapidly advancing in exhibitions at its Fair





Fair of 1889


            The Macon Beacon of October 19, reported on that year's Fair, which was held October 1-3, 1889.  On page 2 was listed the premiums, which were the same classes as in the prior year, with the addition of the foot race.


            In the foot race for boys under age 13, first place was John Brooks, second place was Ben Walker, third place was James Love, and the slowest boy was Will Bush.


            Also added that year was Horsemanship, and a race for ponies, 15 hands and under, over a quarter mile course. 







Fair of 1890



            The seventh annual Fair (counting back to 1884) was October 21-24, 1890 (Macon Beacon, 10/18/90).  Awards were to be given by the Noxubee County Agriculture Society.  Categories included general purpose horses, harness horses, saddle horses, mules, colts, jacks, swine, miscellaneous cattle, poultry, grain, hay, cotton, hog products, vegetables, nuts & roots.  A complete list of winners was listed in the issue of November 11, 1890. 





Fair of 1891



            The eighth annual Fair premiums were listed in the Macon Beacon of October 17, 1891.  The Noxubee County Agriculture Society held the Fair on October 13-16.  The complete listing of winners is in the issue of October 24. 





Fair of 1892



            The ninth annual Fair was reported in the Macon Beacon of Saturday, October 8, 1892: 


            "Noxubee's Annual Fair opened last Tuesday under the brightest skies and the favorable weather continued throughout the week.  In many respects, it was a success, in fact, in all but one.  And that was in the attendance.  There are several reasons why the people did not attend as numerously as in former years, the chief among which is the great lack of money in the county.  In the face of a very short crop, and the outlook unpromising, the attendance was as large as could have been expected. 


            "The display in the agriculture hall was as fine as ever.  Many considered it superior to that of former years. 


            "The exhibits were not so many as heretofore, but the horse and colt show was very fine. 


            "The trotting and running races were by the colts of some of the best blooded horses in America and were very creditable. 


            "On Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings, an aeronaut made balloon ascensions, which were a very successful and attractive feature of the Fair.  On each occasion, he reached a very great altitude before dropping from the balloon in his parachute.


            "Note that this early "sky diving" predates air planes by more than a decade!"




Fiar of 1893



            The tenth annual Fair was first highlighted in the Macon Beacon  issue of Saturday, July 22, 1893, with the following notice: 


            "To the People of Noxubee County:  The Board of directors of the Noxubee County Agriculture Society has determined to do what it can, assisted by the friends of the Association, to restore the Fair to its former degree of prosperity.  It has been decided to hold its 10th annual Fair, commencing on October 17-20th, 1893. 


            "The Fair was established in 1884, the errection of the necessary building, etc., costing about $1,600 over and above the $2,000 paid in subscription of stock.  For the $1,600, the faith of the Fair Association was pledged.  Each year, such a payment was made on the $1,600 as was left after paying interest on said loan, necessary repairs and insurance on the building, running of the fair, $100 to $500 in premiums each year to exhibitors, until the original indebtedness has been reduced to about $600 outside of unpaid premiums.  A number of exhibitors returned their premiums to the Association. 


            "This year, the Directors deem it best for the present year to offer no money premiums.  The directors hope the people of the county will enter exhibits and compete in generous rivalry for awards of excellence, although the premiums awarded will not be in dollars and cents. 


            "Mr. John A. Tyson accepted the position of Secretary without compensation. 


            "The people of the County have great reason to congratulate themselves on the good results that have flowed from their Fair Association.  Noxubee County today, in the opinion of competent stock men, holds a front rank in the Gulf States as a stock raising county, and no county in the State can boast of better horses, cattle, sheep, hogs and poultry than our own.  Our breeders in stock are selling in car load lots to other counties in the State and to Texas.  And it has only been a few days since two car loads of cattle (mostly high grades) were shipped from this county to the State of Illinois.  The suggestion five years ago of the possibility in the then future of such an export of fine cattle would have been absurd.  As an agricultural and stock raising people, we cannot afford to let our Fair go down." 


            This article, quote above, was published over the names of that year's Fair Committee, J. L. Griggs, J. Q. Poindexter, and M. Mahorner.  A special premiums list for the tenth annual Fair is printed on page 3 of the October 7, 1893 issue of the Macon Beacon. 



            The Noxubee Fair was the subject of the Editorial Correspondence section from the Meridian News, which was published in the October 21, 1893 issue of the Macon Beacon.  It was headlined, "The attractiveness of Macon and Lesson of the Exhibits."  Though the editorial is excellent in its praise of Macon, only the portion relevant to the Fair is cited here: 


            "But the feature of Macon just now that commends attention is the County Fair, opened today at the Fairgrounds.  Here, Noxubee County preaches her sermon of industrial and agricultural development that ought to carry a message of hope to every county in the State and every State of the South. 


            "In the display of live stock is realized an object lesson that is a prophecy of prosperity for the whole prairie belt.  Reference to a single exhibit will illustrate what may be accomplished in stock raising in this County and the possibilities awaiting further investment in the same direction. 


            "Mr. N. Scales has at the Fair, from his plantation, thirty-two blooded horses and mares, all of them from registered stock.  Twelve head of pure Jerseys, and fifteen Berkshire pigs.  A finer looking lot of animals was never exhibited in any exposition.  Mr. Scales says that five years ago he grew tired of raising cotton at a loss and decided to go into stock raising.  He converted a large part of his extensive plantation into pasturage.  Last year, he fed no grain at all until Christmas week.  He said mules can be raised as cheap as sheep.  This gentleman has now 150 pure Berkshire hogs in splendid condition that have never received a grain of corn, living entirely upon a bermuda pasture. 


            "Capt. M. Mahorner has a pair of horses raised by him which deserve special mention for their beauty. 


            "Mr. Jacob Holberg shows a magnificent home-raised mule, only two years old, which is sixteen hands high and weighs 1,184 pounds.


            "In closing, the running races showed good speed.  Meridian's own Capt. B. F. Cameron was judge.  The race was on half-mile, free-for-all, cash for which the following were entered: 


                        J. L. Griggs                           Star of Noxubee

                        J. L. Griggs                           Mamie Griggs

                        S. M. Irions                            Battlefield

                        B. M. Walker                         Ben Hur

                        N. N. Rogers                        Ben Rogers



                                          THE RACE RESULTS


                        Mamie Griggs                     1st place, 54.5 seconds

                        Battlefield                              2nd place

                        Star of Noxubee                   3rd place





Fair of 1894



            A list of the special premiums for the 1894 Fair is published in the November 17 issue of the Macon Beacon.  An announcement about that Fair is in the issue of September 22, 1894. 




Fair of 1895



            The October 29 - November 1 Fair of 1895 was announced in the Macon Beacon issue of September 28, giving a list of the special premiums to be won.  In addition, the following article appeared in that issue: 




            "A very interesting feature of the Fair will be a balloon ascension, accompanied by the usual parachute performance in two acts.  That is, the airial navigator will throw out his dog attached to a parachute, and a moment later, the balloonist will jump and overtake the dog and catch him, provided he doesn't stop." 


            The Noxubee County Agricultural Association catalogue premiums awards appear on page 2 of the Macon Beacon, issue of November 9, 1895.  Mr. T. S. (Tom) Boggess, first place for Brahmas and Guineas.  Mrs. A. Klaus, first place for light rolls and for wine.  Mr. N. Scales was the winner in sheep, Berkshire, Jerseys, harness horses and general purpose horses.  Pages 2 and 3 cover the entire list of winners. 


            Also reported in that issue was the new event of bicycle races.  The half mile winner for boys under age 15 was Howard Scales.  J. E. Sparkman was the winner in both the 1 mile and the 3 mile races. 








            An effort to revive the Fairs is reflected in the November 8, 1902 issue of the Macon Beacon: 


            "Several enterprising and public-spirited citizens have urged us lately to give special attention to reviving the Fair that was at one time the pride of Noxubee and of the State.


            "It will not cost much to put the old Fairground in good shape for the exhibition of stock, and the accommodation of the public in the swine halls and grandstand. 


            "Of course, there must be an organization, and to accomplish this, the active men of the old Fairs must get together in Macon.  Those would be Smyth and Wilkins of Brooksville; Robertson and Cole of Deerbrook; Poindexter and Cunningham of Cliftonville; Price and Smith of Prairie Point; Binion and Windham of Fox Trap; Paulettes and Sparkman of Cooksville; Fields, Nunn and Nicholson at Shuqualak; Princes and Evans at Summerville; Mays and Russells at Mashulaville; and Porter and Triplett at Lynn Creek." 





            There were several articles in the Macon Beacon in regard to Noxubee County having a Fair next fall.  The following is reprinted from the Macon Beacon, Saturday, November 15, 1902:


            "Now, these people are on the right track to bring the grand old County of Noxubee from the one crop basis and ruin, to prosperity and riches.  We have tried the one crop system for the past forty years and what does it show?  Old worn out land, poor stock, no hogs, feed cattle and stock, no bank account and busted land owners, with plasters all over themselves and land too, held by banks and syndicated in the North and England.  Now, gentlemen, what are we going to do about this state of things?  Just sit down here and plant cotton, make no crop and run all the labor out of the county and finally turn over our dear old homes to foreigners?  It looks to me this is the road and a very short one we are travelling.  We know the fair is the life of the county, for we tried it about ten years, no county ever had better fairs than Noxubee, and there is no reason on earth why we cannot do it again." 


            "When we had our fairs here a few years ago, the whole county would look forward to the time when this grand occasion would take place.  And in those days, a man could come to Noxubee County and in one day's time buy one, two or more car loads of as fine a cows as he wanted, or he could get a car of young mules, or a good horse or a pair or several pairs.  Can it be done now?  No, you would ride to death every horse in the county looking for them and then go to Lowndes or Oktibbeha and make the purchase.  Why?  Because they have Fairs." 


            "We have the Old Fairgrounds with building and race track, a new fence and with a little work, we could be in fine shape for a Fair next fall." 


                        END OF ARTICLE, signed by "N.S."



            This writer could locate no evidence that a fair was held that year (1902) at the Old Fairgrounds.  A conjecture as to the author of the article is Noah Scales.





Noxubee Fairs  1921 - 1924



            These fairs were held at the County Court House (yard and court house), and also at the Macon Lycium and Main Street was used as a race track. 





Fair 1921


In the Macon Beacon,, October 14, 1921, the following notice was found:


            "All people interested in a livestock show, community exhibits that were to be held in Macon, were asked to contact Bruce Lumberg.  A committee of Sly and Lane were appointed to receive entries for a county only stock show, and live stock auction."       The Macon Beacon, October 28, 1921, reported the first county stock show since the ones held at the Old Fairgrounds was a hugh success.  It was held on the court house lawn, the cows were tied to the old iron fence and the community exhibits were shown in the court house." 


            This writer has a silver loving cup that Tom Boggess won for the champion bull.  The cup is engraved:


                                                                             Grand Champion Dairy Bull


                                                                            Noxubee County Stockshow


                                                                                      October 21, 1921





The Year 1922


            In 1922, no fair as such was held, but the livestock men of the county brought their cattle together, and a herd was selected to represent Noxubee County at the Meridian Fair. 


            Also in 1922, at the request of J. E. Boggess, E. T. George, and others, Noxubee County Senator Henry Minor introduced a successful bill in the Mississippi Senate, allowing the Supervisors to purchase ground to be used for a County Fair, the title of which land would remain with the County.





Fair of 1923



            The Noxubee County Fair (October 4-5, 1923):  The account of this fair is given in the October 12, 1923 issue of the Macon Beacon.  Exhibits of livestock, community and agricultural crops were better than in previous years.  The fair was held on the Court house lawn again, with the races down Main Street.  The style show was held at the Macon Lycium. 


            The youth received money as well as ribbons on the following scale:


                        First Place                         $5.00

                        Second Place                     4.00

                        Third Place                         3.00


            The other prizes were given by merchants, such as coffee, flour, coffee, etc. 


            The pony races started at the "ole Pump" at the bookstore and ending past the court house at the ole brick gin.  If you could not stop your pony, then you were to head for the Ole Iron River Bridge. 


                                                                                                  Pony Race Results:


                        First Place                         T. S. Boggess, Jr. (This writer)

                        Second Place                   Beth Boggess


                                                                                                  Small Pony Race


                        First Place                        Laurence Sligh

                        Second Place                  John Anderson Tyson, Jr.




            The merchants of Macon had their style show at the Macon Lycium.  Mrs. E. Q. Withers and Mrs. Tom Boggess (Mary, my mother) coordinated the style show.  Little Miss Mable Owen Klaus modeled her father's children's dresses and she was the big hit of the show.  Also, other Beau Brummell that modeled the men's clothes were Lipscomb Ballard, Andrew Mullins, Brooke Tyson and Charlie Ferris. 




Fair of 1924

October 3 - 4


J. V. Pace, County Agent, in announcing the 1924 Fair, called a May meeting to discuss the purpose of the Fair and to hear Mr. J. M. Dean, District Club Agent from A&M College.  A resolution was passed that the Fair be known as:


            "The Noxubee County Fair Association.  This association will hold a fair on the grounds purchased by the Board of Supervisors.  There was approximately 30 acres in the plot bound on the south by Pearl Street, and the west by Imperial Oil Company and the Gulf, Mobile & Ohio Railroad, north and east by the Butler land. 


            "A committee was appointed to lay out the fairgrounds, planning for a 1/2 mile race deck on the entire length of the north side of the property,  grandstand at the finish line..., with exhibit building, poultry and live stock building and anything necessary for a great fair.


            "Tom Boggess was appointed chairman, with E. T. George and E. V. Yates completing the planning Committee. 


NOTE:  This was 40 years since Capt. T. S. Boggess (my grandfather), Mat Mahorner, John R. Cockrell, E. F. Nunn, J. A. Prince, W. W. Calmes, S. A. Jackson, J. W. Deupree were instrumental in originating the Fair of 1884.  This was at the Ole Fairgrounds.  Now they had the New Fairgrounds.  A Committee was appointed with men for all five districts, to sell $10,000 in stock.  (Macon Beacon, Vol. 38, May 23, 1924). 


By June 13, the Macon Beacon reported $3,000 of the stock had been sold.  The June 20th issue reported a general meeting was called for June 27th.  On that date, the Macon Beacon reported that the Noxubee County Fair Association was official.  This was done with the aid of $6,000 in pledges.


The grounds had been in possession of the county for one year, but now it became a certainty that the fair would live again.  It was claimed that never again would the people of Noxubee have to hang their heads in shame to confess that they used to have the best county fair in the state. 


This fair would again allow Noxubeeians to show all in the state its crops, livestock and people which are produced on their rich soils, which were typical during the 1850's and 1890's.  The officials selected were:



1924 Fair Committee


                        E. T. George                         President

                        Josh Cavett                           Vice President, District 1

                        Jessie Sparkman                Vice President, District 2

                        C. D. Featherston                Vice President, District 3

                        George Russell                   Vice President, District 4

                        Doc Wilkins                          Vice President, District 5



                                                                              Directors for the 5 Districts


                                         1.        J. O. Poindexter

                                         2         Earl Skinner

                                         3.        T. S. Boggess, Sr. (my father)

                                         4.        Harrison Evans

                                         5.        Mrs. Ruth Cunningham


The County Agent reported (Macon Beacon, Vol. 50, August 22, 1924) that Mr. F. A. Tabor was busy grading the half mile track, fenced by the dreamed of white fence, which would become the on time realization of the older citizens' dreams. 


The September 24th issue announced a street parade, and that the judging of exhibits would be in the Court House, since not enough of the buildings could be finished in time for the fair date.  The pony races would be run on the new half mile track at the new Fairgrounds.


T. S. Boggess (Jr.) won the first race and Lip Ballard the second.  On the second day, Hunter Scales George ran in first place, with T. S. Boggess, Jr. coming in second.  I will never forget that race, since the track was heavy and Hunter Scales pulled out on the grass on the inside oval and passed me before we reached the finish pole.  It was the only time ole Tony, my loyal pony, was beat. 


The style show was held in the Macon Lycenium.  A list of its winners are in the  Macon Beacon of October 10, 1924.  Of interest was the show.  Mr. & Mrs. George Heard of Lynn Creek won two ribbons, a 1st place blue ribbon for a boy 8 months old and a second place red ribbon for a 19 month old girl. 


The 1924 Fair involved 7 or 8 communities with healthy competition, with many representing Noxubee County at the next State Fair in Jackson.


Tournaments began at this fair, and a detailed explanation of them is in the concluding portions of this paper, entitled "Tournaments."   




Fair of 1925

October 6 - 10


This was the first fair in 40 years to be more than 2 days.  A parade was led by the Macon Brass Band, beginning at 10:00 A.M. on Tuesday.  The citizens were invited to decorate their cars to join in the parade.  Tom Boggess (my father) and Lute Minor were reported (Macon Beacon, October 2, 1925) as coming recently from Padukah, Kentucky with 10 head of good trotters, pacers and runners. 


I remember one 20 year old horse they'd bought from a man using it to pull an ice wagon.  The horse had been one of the best of trotters.  Dad and Lute could not stand to see such a fine horse end his days so ignobly.  We called the horse "Spark Plug," after a cartoon character in the newspapers. 


Mayor Charlie Strong opened the Fair with declaring, "This Fair and the future ones will depend not on one man, but upon every person in Noxubee County."  He recited the following story:


            "There was a young boy with a pair of goats hitched to a sled hauling water for the women living up the hill.  A man approached the young boy and said, `I'll give you $2.00 for your goats.'  The boy replied, `No sir, but I'll take $4.00.'  The man said that he'd give that much if the goats were at his farm; to which the boy retorted, `Mister, if I had this barrel of water in Hell, I could get $1,000 for it.'"


The New Fairgrounds was lighted by the City of Macon, which absorbed all utilities cost for the Fair.  The grandstand was 40 feet wide and 125 feet long, and 30 feet high.  School exhibits were under the grandstand, and other buildings were ready for use. 


I remember Doc Martin and others had trouble with their horses making the first turn in the mile race.  The horse barns were near there, and the horses wanted to return to the barn.  Usually the barns were not close to the racetrack turns.  Dad had a trotter, Breeze Worthy, who could trot a 2 minute mile, but could not take the down hill grade which was on the back stretch.  It caused him to break his trotting gate and he galloped.  Lewis, a Negro trainer, could best handle Breeze, but, in those days, Lewis was not allowed to drive in these races.  The barns that year were filled with trotters and pacers owned by Tom S. McHenry, E. T. George, Bill Hines, Edmond Patty, Tom Boggess, Tom Cockrell and John Carr. 


Saturday was Negro Day, and the fairgrounds was very lively with horse racing. 


Fair of 1926

October 5 - 9


The midway this year was so large as to be shipped in on 15 rail cars!  The Hickville Rube Band from the Tri-State Fair at Memphis, Tennessee provided no charge entertainment twice daily.  The members of the band would mingle in the crowd, sing, crack jokes, and even exhibit flirting advances for the delight and entertainment of the people, which made this part one of the most popular elements of the 1926 Fair. 


The 25 piece Macon Brass Band played afternoons and evenings at the grandstand.  October 9th featured professional automobile racing, including the Southern Champion from the Tri-State Fair.  On Thursday and Friday were professional air plane stunts, including dropping numbers for the people for lucky number drawings for prizes. 


There does exist a particularly good exhaustive account of a Noxubee County Fair, thanks to our own John A. Tyson, in his publication, Historical Notes of Noxubee Country, Mississippi,  1928, pages 226-256, reissued 1985, pages 182-207.  I will let that excellent narrative relate the complete report of the Fair of 1926. 





Fair of 1927



The Fair of 1927 was a successful Fair with the usual elements, but did not rank with its successor, the 1928 Fair, said by some to be the finest of all of Noxubee's Fairs. 




Fair of 1928



The biggest bouquets belonged to Boswell Stevens, who took over the responsibility of the County Agent who resigned shortly before the Fair!  It was reported (Macon Beacon, September 20, 1928) that an outstanding task had been accomplished for the general benefit of Noxubeeians. 


For the first time in history, every community in the County had exhibits.  It was a fair to be remembered for all time, with great thanks to Boswell Stevens. 




Fair of 1929

Monday, September 23 - 29th


This was considered the largest Noxubee County Fair held to date.  The horse racing purse was $1,600.00, and were the only horse races in northern Mississippi that year.  Horses were entered from Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois and Mississippi. 


Political speakers at this Fair were Theo G. Bilbo, Lester Franklin, Mike Connor, Judge Paul Johnson and Tom Bailey.  (Macon Beacon, Sept. 13, 1929).  They, no doubt, had little inkling of the national economic disaster which loomed in its beginnings the following month. 





Fair of 1930


Tom Boggess reported the fair was a huge success, and thanked the cities of Macon, Shuqualak and Brooksville for their financial support for the premiums. 



Fair of 1931



In defiance of the depression, the Fair was opened on Monday (Macon Beacon, October 2, 1931).  The recent heat wave was broken the Saturday before.  The Buzzington Rube Band provided entertainment which was hugely popular! 


Towns winning were 1st place, Saleman; 2nd place, Cliftonville; 3rd place, Brooksville; 4th place, Cooksville-Pauletto; 5th place, Macon; 6th place, Gholson; 7th place was Lyne Creek, then Macedonia and Center Point. 




Fair of 1932

October 10 - 14


Rumblings had spread about whether the depression would prevent the Fair this year .... such was certainly happening to other Mississippi county fairs (Macon Beacon, September 16, 1932).  But public announcement was aired in the Macon Beacon of September 30, that the Fair would open October 10, and the admission price was cut in half from former charges! 


This was the seventh Fair at the new fairgrounds.  Horse racing was again a central feature.  Some entered were "Loyal Direct," owned by Gene Egger of Columbus; "Alice's F," owned by Stanley Carrol of Starkville; and "Robert T," owned by Sheriff Tom Moore of Jackson. 


The Wednesday night horse show featured the best couple riders, which included Ernest Hunter & Roxie Moore, Tom Boggess and Maud Murphey, Mr. & Mrs. Warren Martin and others. 


The Colored Fair was shifted from a one day Saturday event to an expanded time the following week, October 18 - 21. 




Fair of 1933



This was the Centennial celebration year for the organization of Noxubee County.  The October 6, 1933 issue of the Macon Beacon reported that the Fair would begin on Wednesday, October 11, when the 3:00 P.M. parade would initiate the festivities for the year.  People from across the County were reported in preparation building parade floats.  The Buzzington Rube Band was the afternoon and nightly entertainment that year. 


The Macon Beacon issue of Friday, October 13, reported that thousands lined the street and fairgrounds to see the parade.  The parade was led by "Tiny Rainey" and "Dotsy Adams," dressed as pages and heralds, later assuming a position at the entrance to the fairgrounds, complete with trumpets. 


The quilt show was the main feature for the first time, the Chairman for the show being Mrs. Charles Strong.  New quilts were displayed, along with old ones, the oldest being an 1811 product exhibited by Mrs. Eichelberger.  The next oldest was entered by Mrs. U. W. Mullins, an 1823 quilt made by Mrs. J. M. Daniels, 10 years before the County was organized.





Fair of 1934


The Macon Beaconof October 5, 1934, reported a huge success for this 10th annual fair at the location of the 30 acres bounded on the west by Imperial Oil Company and the Gulf, Mobile & Ohio Railroad, and bounded on the east by the Butler land (see description in this series on the Fair of 1924).  One feature of interest was the Children Day Show. 


There was the "Girls with their dolls and doll buggys" contest.  First place was won by Janet and Florence Ford, Daughters of Mr. & Mrs. Burton Ford of Shuqualak.  Second place was awarded to Margie Mae Martin, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. L. L. Martin. 


There was a pet parade, as well as a health show.  Silver cups were offered to the healthiest boy and girl.  Elaine Boggess, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Julian E. Boggess, won the first place cup (today she is Mrs. Montgomery Steele,  of Statesville, North Carolina).  The doctors & nurses (judges for this health contest) could not find a perfect healthy boy in the County!  However, Charles Hunter of Mashulaville was chosen to receive the boy's cup. 


Fair of 1935



Mr. Lute Minor represented the highlight of the 1935 Fair when he was presented the Silver Loving Cup.  His loyalty to the Fair and his interest in the County's youth led him to dedicate much personal time and money to the ends that the Fair might be enjoyed by all.  It was his personal interest that allowed many a small boy or girl to come to the Fair when lack of funds would have otherwise kept them away.  Mr. Minor hailed from the Circle M Ranch of Paulette, Mississippi. 




Fair of 1936


A beauty contest was a first for this Fair.  Another first was the Department of Animal Husbandry at Mississippi A&M producing a first class livestock show. 


The five day Fair was climaxed with an elaborate display of pure bred cattle, horses and other livestock on September 25, brought in on three rail car loads by the Gulf, Mobile and Ohio Railroad.  Faculty members of Mississippi A&M accompanying the display were Department Chief Dr. W. E. Sheets, Paul F. Newel and Ray H. Means.  Their expertise on the merits of various livestock was an education for the people of Noxubee.  The show consisted of horses, mules, jacks, beef cattle and sheep.  It was thought to be the largest horse and livestock show ever shown in Noxubee County. 


President Duke Humpheres, J. R. Ricks, Dean and Director of the Extension, and Dr. Sheets were congratulated in their efforts in presenting the the citizens of Noxubee the importance of good breeding. 


The Tennessee Valley Authority, it was announced by Mr L. L. Martin, was soon to bring electrical power into the rural areas of Noxubee County. 


The first place horse show winner was Mary Frances Conner on the Valley Farms Walking house "King Cole," owned by J. B. Cunningham.  Other winners during the week were Helen Minor, Sara Henley, Catherine Jackson, Ruth Trimble and Margaret Windham. 


The Macon Beacon gain contains a complete list of winners in all areas, which is too lengthy to reprint here. 



Fair of 1937



The Thirteenth Annual Fair (at the location began in 1924), was October 11 - October 17.  It would be a remiss not to mention how well the Macon Beacon covered these and other Fairs, always giving pages to the listing of the premiums before the fair as well as after all the winners were proclaimed.  The front page would usually have a large layout, "Come to the Noxubee County Fair" with a "hand of welcome extended to all citizens of the County."  The special features later reported gave life and interest in the Fair to be preserved in those journals.  As a senior citizen now, I look back on my young Fair goer days and remember with fondest recollections the County Fair. 


My father, Tom Boggess, loved these Fairs perhaps more than anything else in life.  I remember my mother saying, "Tom, if you worked as hard on your farm as you do on the fair, you would be wealthy!"  He was wealthy .... not monetarily, but in the wealth of satisfaction in what he did with and for the Fair and his many friends who also enjoyed these events. 


Of interest is to note that on September 3, 1937, Dr. L. B. Morris opened his new hospital.  He was another person that dedicated his life for the betterment of Noxubee County. 





Fair of 1938



The Viven Varden all girl band was the special feature of this fourteenth annual Fair, held September 5 - 9.  There was a sell out on all box seats in the grandstand. 


Highlighted in this Fair was the large cattle showing, with over 300 entrants.  This established Noxubee County not only as a row crop county, but a county with some of the best livestock in Mississippi.  A work stock survey close to Fair time showed the county to have over 900 mares, 15 jacks, 15 stallions and a crop of 550 colts. 


It was predicted that within three years, the county should be able to raise enough of its own work stock, thus avoiding the need to purchase such from Missouri, Tennessee and other states.  A sad note on this prediction was the emergence of the motorized tractor, which caused the work stock industry to die a natural death. 


The letterhead of an undated letter written in late 1938 by Mr. T. S. Boggess, Sr. shows the Noxubee County Fair Association compilation of leadership:


Lute Minor, President                                 J. E. Boggess, Vice President

T. S. Boggess, Secretary & Manager       Bode Hughes, County Agent

Miss Margaret Brownlee, Home               Burton C. Ford, Treasurer

     Demonstration Agent



Dr. I. C. White                B. C. Watson        J. E. Boggess

T. S. Boggess               L. L. Martin            Rice Richards

Wesley Allen                 Cale Parks           Ches Jackson

Ernest Hunter               A. B. Stevens       O. J. Lane

Hafford Hardin              Warren Jackson  Gus Cunningham

Stevens Boswell          Will Thomas        W. A. Maxey

Frank Hurst                   Ed Johnson         J. M. Pierce

Bode Hughes                                          W. E. Parks                                           Paul Silvey

C. D. Featherston         J. L. Klaus            John B. Cunningham

Kennon Curtis              Harrison Evans                             Burton Ford

Henry Sparkman          Lute Minor            Emmett Bell

E. T. George                  John M. Clmes                              Ed F. Hardin

Francis Connor            W. A. Walker         W. H. Baker

Edward Haynes            J. A. Shaul            Edwin Murphey, Jr.







Fair of 1939


A Fair was held this year, but the newspaper reporting did not record anything of particular note that was distinctive for 1939. 




Fair of 1940


The Macon Beacon of September 13 reported plans made for the 16th annual Fair.  One of the unique features of this Fair was the rooster race, promoted by Mr. Wyatt Jones.  You might say this was something to "crow" about!  One of the entrants was named "Secretary" and could negotiate the race course in some two minutes. 



Fair of 1942


The Macon Beacon, September 24, 1942, announced that the livestock dates had been reduced to two days this year, October 15 and 16.  This, of course, reflected another of the many impacts of World War II. 


This was the third time the Noxubee County Fair had been interrupted by war; the Civil War and World War I previously did so.  This 1942 Fair was the first fat cattle show. 




No Fair in 1943


Even though no Fair was scheduled in these war time days, the Home Demonstration Agent of the County had a flower and vegetable show.  Also, the second fat cattle show and auction was held. 



No Fair in 1944


In continued war time absence of the Fair, the Fair's spirit still was reflected by the ladies of the County holding a flower and vegetable show.  The third fat cattle show and auction also was produced.  Unfortunately the horse barn at the Fairgrounds burned this year. 




No Fair, But REVIVAL in 1945


In October, plans developed to revive the County Fair.  At that month's meeting of the County Board, the Fairgrounds were turned over to the Fair Association to make ready the buildings and grounds.  The burned horse barn would be repaired with $1,600 in insurance proceeds, and $1,250 given by the County Board would be used to repair the Agriculture Building, grandstands and other maintenance needs. 


It was said by one Board member, "We want the Fairground in readiness for the boys when they return home from the War."  So plans were shaped up for the biggest and best Fair ever. 


The Farm Bureau began their bull program and horse men of the County decided that, rather than pay out of County stud fees of more than $1,000, they needed to have an outstanding walking horse stud of their own.  Tom Boggess, Sr. and Francis Connor were selected to purchase a walking horse.  They'd hoped for 50 shareholders at $100 each, but only 22 responded:


            R. N. Henley                Johnny Heard                     A. L. Lindley

            Francis Connor           Tom Boggess, Sr.              Anse Van Zandt

            J. S. Boswell                Swann Brothers                 H. H. Hardin

            J. E. Bell                       J. A. Shaul                            Dr. G. B. Bradshaw

            Boswell Stevens         J. R. Hilliard                         J. B. Elkin

            Harrison Evans           Mullens Brothers                Bethany Drug Store

            Gus Cunningham      J. B. Cunningham              E. T. George

            H. G. Land


A registered walking horse named "Melody Man" was purchased and initially kept at the Fairgrounds.  Permanent lodging was moved to the Tom Boggess, Sr. farm, 5 miles northeast of Macon on old Highway 25 (Magnolia Road). 



Fair of 1946


The Noxubee County Fair was announced in the Macon Beaconof September 19, 1946, that it would be held September 23 - 28.  Special features would be the Horse Show Open to the World on Monday night.  Thursday night would provide a beauty revue. 


Francis Conner, President, and Tom Boggess, Sr., Secretary and Fair Manager, reported completion of the new building, repairs and painting on others.  It would again be a Fair to show the wonder of Noxubee County. 




Later Fairs of the 1940's


The Post War years gave renewed efforts to revitalize the Noxubee County Fairs, whose history back to the 1850's has been chronicled in earlier issues of this journal in 1985 and 1986.  A voice from those days of optimism is expressed in the words of Margaret Brownlee Scott:


            "When Mr. Arthur Jernigan with his walking stick, Kennon Curtis with the horses, and Mr. Jensen with bees and yellow flowers arrived at the Fairground, it was time to get the exhibit building ready.  The Noxubee County Fair was an event looked forward to from one year to the next by the communities of the County.  The Educational booths and nightly skits prepared and presented by neighbors did much to foster pride and fellowship in the communities. 


            "The second floor of the exhibit building found the quilts and other handwork on display.  The canned exhibits of fruits and vegetables were also placed upstairs.  Mrs. R. P. Tate, Mrs. Joe Devaney, Mrs. Ervin Mauldin, Mrs. Andrew Sullivan and many other women through the years, were there to keep everything straight, safe and in order. 


            "During the war years, the County Fair was not held.  In 1946, the annual Fair was resumed.  In 1947, a committee of women met with the Fair Association, requesting a suitable, safe building for the women's exhibits.  In the Spring of 1948, a storm destroyed the old two story building.  A new one story structure was erected (with a rest room)!"



                    NOXUBEE COUNTY FAIRS


                 THE LAST CYCLE


The year 1946 represented the 5th or 6th time the County Fair has been reorganized, repaired, and painted, since the first Fair in the early 1850's.  These Fairs have occurred in approximately 25 year cycles, but the 1980 cycle did not materialize.  Perhaps the Noxubee County Fair is in our past now, and we now reflect upon that past. 




Fair of 1947


The Macon Beacon, September 4, 1947 reported ... "The 20th Annual Fair will be held September 15 - 20th."  What's puzzling is why 1947 was characterized as the "20th Annual" edition of this Fair which dated back over 90 years prior to that.  One small clue as to its distinction could be that the 1928 Fair (the 20th year earlier) was the first Fair in which every community of Noxubee County provided participants.  The 20th Fair earlier actually was 1925, since no Fairs were held in 1943, 1944 and 1945.  The only distinctive of the 1925 Fair was as the first Fair to be longer than two days.  Some activity occurred in the Fall of 1943 and 1944, but our earlier chapters reported that these activities were not really considered Fairs.  So it is difficult to document why the 1947 Fair was pegged as the "20th." 



For 1947, new improvements were made in the Women's Building, and it was proclaimed that the women would have the biggest and best show ever. 


The young people in the County had a great live stock show.  The winners in Noxubee would go on to Columbus Fair, where they took top honors.  Johnny Heard, Jr., Orie Lane, Eddie Forbes, Joe Bradshaw, Suzanne Boggess, Tommy Boggess, III, and Larry Morris were Noxubee's finest, and they then went on to Tupelo's Fair .... and again won top honors!


Larry Morris, Ann Spurgeon and Suzanne Boggess then took their winners to the National Dairy Show in Columbus, Ohio with 4-H members from Mississippi.  Larry Morris won a blue ribbon, an honorable mention.  Suzanne Boggess won an honorable as well, with her dairy cow, Rita Design Oxfordia 



Fair of 1948


The "21st" Annual County Fair was held September 13 - 18th.  The added feature this year was a calf scramble on opening night in front of the grandstand.  Contenders were boys, aged 13 to 17 years. 


The horse racing was a big attraction.  Horses from Mobile, Decatur, Montgomery & Tuscaloosa, as well as local horses, raced every afternoon. 


Miss Ann Dent was again in charge of the Beauty Review. 


Live stock animals for the calf scramble were donated by Zack Brooks, Moore & Woods Live Stock Commission, William Gilmore, Lute Minor, Robert Anderson, R. L. Zeigler, H. H. Hardin, Art Shaul, C. E. Freeman, Harrison Evans and Bennett & Yount. 


The Macon Beacon, September 16, gave the following calf scramble winners:


            First Ring:  Gerald Watson roped the purebred calf donated by Bennett & Yount.  J. B. Cunningham of Brooksville roped the calf donated by Moore & Woods.  Alfred Butler of Brooksville roped the calf donated by Zack Brooks.  There were 15 boys in the ring. 


            Second Ring:  Todd Hayden of Brooksville roped the calf donated by Robert Anderson.  Lewis Cooper of Brooksville roped the R. L. Zeigler calf. 


            Third Ring:  Albert Wayne Eaves roped William Gilmore's calf.  Ralph White roped Ruel Ewing's calf and David Russell roped P. E. Moore's calf. 


            Fourth Ring:  Bryant Cooper won Harrison Evans' calf.  


L. H. Nixon, the Future Farmers of America leader in Brooksville, was the leader of the Brooksville boys, and credit was given to Nixon for a job well done.  The FFA leader in Macon was Mr. Hurt. 


Friday night was the parade of Champions.  John Mills, County Agent, was at the mike, and W. W. Whitten, Assistant County Agent & 4-H leader, helped with this show as the boys and girls led their champions before the Fair crowd in the grandstand. 


H. E. Musgrove gave an exhibition of harness racing.


Tom White Crigler acted as Master of Ceremonies on the Quiz Show.  Contestants included Ben Chilcutt, W. W. Daves of New York, Jack Mullins, W. W. Whitten, Mrs. Tom Douglass, Mrs. Brice Allsup, Mrs. Wiley Lantz, Mrs. Guy Carr, Lonnie Brunson, Ed Britton, W. B. Lucas, and Boswell Stevens.


Winners were Jack Mullins, who won $25.00; W. W. Whitten and Mrs. Tom Douglass, who tied for second place; Mrs. Wiley Lantz and Ed Britton, who tied for third place. 


The Exchange Club raffled off a pony which was won by Red Rainey and his son, Billy Rainey, who rode off into the night on this fine steed.




Fair of 1949


The Macon Beacon, August 4, 1949, announced that "The 13th County Fair" would be held August 8 - 13.  No explanation is given as to what Fair of the 1930's this 1949 Fair was tied.  Steve Boswell and Ellis Rhett managed an excellent horse show.  There were 22 classes of horses shown in two hours.  The crowd never had to wait between classes, which made for an memorable horse show. 


The Judge was Evert Slaton of Holly Springs, Mississippi.  Dr. D. W. Duckworth of Meridian was the announcer, and fellow Meridian citizen Mr. Walker served as Ring Master.  Ribbon girls were Sarah Yount, Georgia Alice Britton, Mary L. Stennis, Betty Lou Heard, Jane Stuart, Dot Barnett and Kakie Elkin.  Some of the winners were:


            Boys Under 8              T. S. (Tommy) Boggess, III on Silver


            Girls 8 - 12                   Suzanne Boggess, Kay Walter


            Boys 8 - 12                   Walter Smith, Donald Allsup, Morgan Douglass


            Girls 13 - 18                 Virginia Ductworth, Bryant Hudson, Patrica Hudson


            Boys 13 - 18                Sonny Wallace, Lee Douglass




                         NOXUBEE COUNTY HORSE SHOW:


Mary Frances Boswell on Miss Hutt


Mable Gibson on Mr. & Mrs. H. E. Musgrove's horse


Hal Land on Miss Em


Suzanne Boggess on Melody's Man's Son  




            This year of 1949, a King and Queen of the Noxubee County 4-H Club was chosen.  L. Dyer and Cora Gene Savage were the Senior King and Queen.  Eugene Hunter and Lilley Ruthe Harper were the Junior King and Queen. 







Fair of 1950



The Macon Beacon, August 17 reported plans shaping up for another success fair.  Tom Boggess, Sr. was manager of the Fair.  He reported a big demand for box seats for this year's production.  The Horse Show would be on Monday, the Beauty Show on Tuesday, and the Community Entertainment would be on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings. 



In 25 years, the County Fair had come a long ways from the 1921; '22'; and '23' Fairs held on the Court House lawn in Macon.  There were two Exhibition Barns and a large Commercial Building, which was improved.  Most of the businesses closed down early on Thursday to allow all to attend the Fair.  Fridays were always school day, with school buses bringing in the children to the Fair from all over the County. 


The Community Booths were a big success this year.  The winners were listed as follows:


Magnolia Club                         1st Place    "Home Sewing Made Easy"

Prairie Point                             2nd Place   "Bazzars Suggestion"

Salem                                       3rd Place    "Kill The Best, Saves The Best"

Macon Club                             4th Place    "Rags to Riches"

Cliftonville                                5th Place    "Store and Save With Cotton Rags"

Brooksville                               6th Place    "Soil Testing"

Center Point                            7th Place   

Elon                                           8th Place





Fair of 1951


The Macon Beacon, September 6, reports the Fair schedule this year to be September 24 through 29.  As before, the format will include horse shows, live stock shows, beauty reviews, community exhibits and agricultural exhibits.  Thursday night will celebrate the crowning of the Queen of Noxubee County.  Friday will be the traditional School day. 


The Macon Beacon, September 20, hails the biggest horse show ever to be on Monday night.  Among the professionals were J. N. Noblin, Pelliahatcia; W. C. Hughes, Jackson; Jolly Derryberry, Tuscalousa, Alabama; O. J. Henley, Tuscalousa, Alabama; M. Swoope, West Point; Walter Frances, Tupelo; Mr. Hightower, Natchez; Harry Jones, Jackson; Stable, Louise; W. W. Hutton, Collierville, Tennessee; J. H. Armstrong Stable, Tupelo; Poinders Stable, Como; Jimmy Holloaway and Mrs. Gradbold of Brookhaven, and others not listed. 




Fair of 1952



The Macon Beacon, October 23, 1952, reports on the 26th Annual County Fair, October 20 through 25.  Why is 1952 called the 26th, when the 1947 was called the 20th?  No answer available here.  The Tuesday night Beauty Review was a big success.  Miss Ann Klaus was crowned Queen, and the alternate Queen was Miss Kakie Elkin.  The second alternate Queen was Miss Barbara Hardin. 



Some Fair winners were:


            Girls 11 - 13                 Sybil Allsup, Clara Jean Watt and Sylvia Mullins


            Girls  9 - 10                  Nancy Prince, Marion Prince, and Mable Mullins


            Girls  7 -  8                   Mary Beth Cooper, Vickey Connor and Dot Greer


            Girls  5 -  6                   Carol Ann Chancellor, Pat Butler and Judy Klaus


            Girls  2  - 4                   Carol Ann Wilson, Julia Frances Alford and

                                                                                                  Betty Ann Clark




The 4-H Auction was scheduled for Friday, October 24.  Also, the Sears Roebuck Chickens were to be judged and sold.  Sears had given 150 chickens to 4-H members.  These were raised and they were to bring 12 pullets to the Fair for competition and sale.  The proceeds of the sale were designated for buying chickens for 10 other 4-H members for next year's Fair.  In that way, the Chicken Chain would be perpetuated.  These 4-H members included Rose Swann, Syble Allsup, Erlle B. Lee, Bessie Joe Coleman, Erlene Card, Robert Hubbard, Walter Van Jernigen, Wiston Long, Glenn Eaves and Monie Philips. 




Fair of 1953



The Macon Beaconof August 20 reported that the Noxubee County Fair would open on Monday, August 24, and continue through the 29th.  Fall was early this year, as the first bale of cotton had already been ginned.  The Horse Show opened Monday night,  The Kiddie Review was on Tuesday, with judging for fox hounds after the Review.  A chase for a live fox would be on Thursday, which was to be School Day.  Friday sported the Big Rodeo.  Tom Boggess, Sr. invited the public to come down Sunday, August 23rd to look over the New Building, the Ladies Building redecorated, the Grandstand painted, and the track reworked. 


The Macon Beaconof August 27 reported that Suzanne Boggess had the 4-H Senior Champion Jersey Cow and Grand Champion Dairy Animal.  Dr. L. B. Morris had the open Champion registered Jersey.  4-H winners, Junior Calf, Steve Poag; Holstein Senior Calf; Robert Anderson, registered Jersey calf; T. S. Boggess, III, registered Jersey Cow; Albert Doss, registered Jersey cow over 3 to 4 years old; Suzanne Boggess, registered Jersey cow over 4, and Dwyne Allsup. 


An added feature of the Fair for 1953 was the pen of fat cattle.  E. O. Herring, Beefmaster; Roy Hailey, Brahma; Black Belt Experiment Station, Angus; and the Circle M ranch, Grade Herford.  The premiums for these were given by the Bank of Macon, the Bank of Brooksville, the Merchant and Farmers Bank, the Imperial Oil Company, Paulette Plantation and Shuqualak Lions Club. 



FAIR OF 1954


The Macon Beacon August 12, reported on this year's Fair scheduled to be August 16 through 20.  There was a remodeling of the Fairgrounds.  The Horse Show would be Monday night.  The Beauty Review would be Tuesday night.  Nora Joy Floore was Miss Noxubee County Forest Queen, and Nancy Guy was her alternate.  Miss Frances Perkins was Miss Noxubee County. 



Fair of 1955


The Macon Beacon of Thursday, August 25 reports on the Fair's opening scheduled for Monday, August 29.  A Dixie Land Circus would be in front of the Grandstand.  The Macon Beacon of Thursday, September 8 reports that Miss Margaret Ewing was chosen as the Noxubee County Forest Queen.  Miss Jackie Clark was the first alternate, and Miss Bessie Taylor was the second alternate. 







Livestock Shows Prevail For A While


October 4, 1956 saw the Noxubee County Live Stock Show.  Charles Welburn of Artesia had his trained sheep dogs to perform in front of the Grandstand.  The County Agent was Bob Anderson. 


October 14 - 16, 1957 entertained again the Noxubee County Live Stock Show.  Johnny Sortor was the Assistant County Agent. 


October 9, 1958 was the Noxubee County Live Stock Show, with Ralph Spurgeon serving as Chairman.  V. L. Taylor was the Assistant County Agent. 


October 13, 1960 again had the Noxubee County Live Stock Show, with Ralph Spurgeon as its Chairman. 





Tournaments were a team event, usually of five members.  Each member had a horse and a Knight's Lance.  This lance was about eight to ten feet long, tapering to a point, usually metal covered.  They had a leather shield at the hand, the grip was usually wrapped to make it easy to hold three or four feet back of the grip to balance the lance when held shoulder high.  The rider went full speed for a specified time, trying to spear all of the rings as targets, usually five in number.  The smoother the horse ran, the easier it was for the rider to spear the rings.  These rings were two to three inches in diameter, wrapped with ribbon to make them easier to see.  The rings were hung on a very stiff wire about 18 inches long, with a 90 degree bend on the end.  The ring was hung on the open side.  The wire was suspended from an arm that extended about three feet from a stand that was high enough so the rider could hold the lance and spear the ring. 


These stands were placed along the side of the race track in front of the Grandstand, approximately 30 to 40 yards apart.  These arms could be raised and lowered for the size of horse.  Ponies under 12 hands, and horses over 12 hands were the two categories.  The track was about 220 yards long.  The rider would make the run, return to the judge to see if the time qualified, and then would dump the rings from the lance which had been speared.  The number of rings were counted and credited to the rider's record. 


These Tournaments were the big events at the Fairs from 1924 through 1934.  Tom McHenery built a barn at the Fairground for his horses, and it remains the only building left from the last Fairgrounds.  It had a tact room, sleeping quarters for the trainers in the middle of three or four stalls on each side of the tact room. 


Several locations hosted these Tournaments around the County, other than the Fairgrounds, but the cups were always awarded at the Fairgrounds.  Here are the names of several of the teams:  The Valley, Circle M, Macon, Shuqualak, Brooksville and the McGowah Gun Club of Columbus. 


This was a very dangerous sport. Riding a horse at dead run could result in the horse stumbling or falling.  Or one of the rings could swing around and hit you on the back of the head after being hit, but not speared. 


The teams had their own color to distinguish each other, just as racing stables now have.  A good quarter horse today would make an excellent Tournament horse.  These Tournament facts are simply from this writer's recollection, and subject to correction.







We are indebted to Mr. Louie Walton, County Agent whose service began in 1941, for his comments of the Noxubee County Fair, written in February of 1985:


            "Thinking over my experience with the Noxubee County Fair has been a pleasant remembrance.   ...Even in 1941, it was evident that we stressed the value of quality, freshness, uniformity, and the lack of disease and insect damage to exhibits.  Each year following, it was evident that the exhibits need not be the greatest in size, but true to variety freshness, uniformity and free from blemishes. 


            "I recall the 1946 Fair carried exhibits which could have easily won at the State Fair!  By this time, new projects were added for premiums which encouraged the 4-H and FFA members to become interested.  One such project was the Sears Roebuck Sheep project that had 19 4-H members carrying sheep projects.  This County had the largest number of sheep projects of any county in the State. 


            "We also had the largest number of members feeding out and showing beef calves, some of which were recommended to be exhibited at the State Fair and some National Fairs.  The Dairy Club members became interested in producing and showing registered dairy calves, and we had at one time 31 members exhibiting these calves.  In 1945, at the Tupelo and Meridian Fairs, these 31 calves won 31 blue ribbons!  One cow, "Lou" went on to win first place in the National Dairy Show at Columbus, Ohio. 


            "Four car loads of registered Jersey cows were brought into the County, mainly from the Syracuse, New York and the New Hampshire areas of the Northeast.  With this many registered animals coming into the area, it was evident that we needed a better breeding service, and so an artificial encemination program was established.  The only proven registered Jersey Bull in the State was purchased to initiate this program.  In 1944, the first selected beef calf sale was held in Macon.  Members of the Animal Husbandry Department at Mississippi State University came to the farms and selected the calves to be sold. 


            "In 1943, the sheep projects in the Black Belt area increased to the point that Noxubee County held the first sheep auction sale.  There were 21 counties from Mississippi and Alabama from which sheep were entered to be sold.  Also, each Spring, a wool sale was held at auction. 


            "I definitely feel that all of these took their roots and were influenced by the Noxubee County Fair." 








Another testimony is given us by Tom Wilburn of Smith Oaks Plantation, Artesia, Mississippi, written in early 1985.  He cautioned about the correctness of some dates he would question, as his mind was uncertain at some points. 


            "My first experience regards racing at the Noxubee County Fair was the late summer of about 1940.  Mr. Tom Boggess was promoting the return of harness racing in connection with the Fair.  Also helping was Frances Connor and Mr. Ernest George, Sr. 


            "At that period, there were a few old standard bred horses in the area.  Left overs from the active sulky racing years.  The last remaining son, Peter Stokes, of Peter the Great, was stabled on the Fairgrounds. 



            "I believe the old pacing mare, Anita Patch (probably a descendant of the great Dan Patch) was placed in training.  Also present was a grey pacer and a tall rangy Sorrell with a blaze face, driven by Lanky Tinsley.  Lewis, a nice Negro gentlemen, who had experience in the racing game, was training on the grounds for the Macon group (Tom McHenery).



            "I brought to the Fair a little half bred pacing mare named "Little Aileen" out of Mr. Stanley Carrol's old race mare, Aileen F.  Mr. Carrol lived in Starkville, and was one of the older harness horse drivers of the area.  I doubt if there were a dozen horses on the grounds in 1940.  I won my first race driving Mr. Carrol's mare (Little Aileen) in 2:17 2/5th, which was a record for both of us. 



            "The following year, interest in the racing grew.  I brought two newly acquired horses to the Fairgrounds for about a month in advance of the Fair. With no money to hire a truck, I drove one horse to a road cart and led the other from my place to Macon, approximately 23 miles.  Lewis was still training there at Macon, working with about six horses.  My two horses were Jones and Trudonna, and I also worked with Mr. Carrol's Little Aileen. 



            "In Grenada, some interest started for racing, and a Macon group of us went to their Fair with about five horses.  The following year, the Grenada group supported the Noxubee County Fair with about six horses.  Again, Mr. Tom Boggess was the man doing most of the work, promoting racing. 



            "I entered the Armed Service in the Fall of 1942 and returned the Fall of 1945 as a 2nd Lieutenant fighter pilot from the Air Force.  In 1946, Columbus organized a horse show and a harness racing program.  The same year, the Neshoba County Fair, under strong promotion by Willard Hays, opened up with a harness race program. 


            "A small group from Mobile, Alabama, brought a few horses to Macon, with the backing of Mr. Stanley Carrol, and Mr. Sam Swain of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, brought four or five horses.  I cannot recall racing at Macon in 1946, so this probably was 1947.  Mr. Tom Boggess, of course, was doing the promoting. 


            "Around 1948 or 1949, night racing was tried.  Lights for the Show arena in front of the Grandstand were already in use.  A line of bulbs were strung around the balance of the race track.  If a driver had cat eyes, he might distinguish objects hazily on the back stretch.  Without cat eyes, the driver went by feel." 











The period from 1902 to 1921 was without Fairs, or at least no accounts of them were found by this writer in the Macon Beacon.  World War I was undoubtedly a partial factor, as was World War II.  While this point is fresh on this ole man's mind, this Fair has been interrupted by the Civil War, World War I and World War II, but not during the Depression of the 1930's! 


It is not clear in my mind that the second Fairgrounds at approximately J. H. Williams' lot is not a part of the third Fairgrounds, known affectionately as the "Ole Fairgrounds."  When H. W. Foote helped form the Noxubee County Agriculture Society in 1858, the description is the same, because Mr. Foote gave the ole deed to the group of 1884, which was described as the Ole Fairgrounds and the old group. 


It is also interesting that when the Fairs were started, which was apparently about five starts, there were two purposes common to them all.  First was to promote a better and improved agriculture through the showing of all kinds of crops, various breeds of live stock and handy works produced in our County.  Second was to satisfy a social need, in that they brought together people from all sections of the County in various activities and competition. 


Thus, the desire to excel was present in all our Fairs, and the various premiums given for stock races, culinary arts and various needle and handy craft exhibits gave reason for remembering and seeing that others knew of these for years to come. 


Some names of interest surrounding the Noxubee County Fairs are:


            County Agents

            J. V. Pace                                          1921

            E. L. Hobby                                       1930

            J. E. Stanley                                      1935

            Bode Hughes                                   1938

            C. W. Gary                                         1939

            Louie Walton                                    1941

            Johnny Mills

            R. A. Anderson                                 (Last Fair)

            James Rogers


            4-H Leaders               

                                                   Johnny Sartor

                                                   W. W. Whitten

                                                   V. L. Taylor


            Home Agent                Margaret Brownlee Scott



From 1925 until 1932, Saturday night was Negro Night.  In 1932, the Colored Fair began being held the week following the Noxubee County Fair, and usually was held for an entire week. 


There are others who can trace their families through all these years of 1850's to 1960, but I take pride in my four generation's of Thomas Shelton Boggess':  Captain T. S. Boggess, (04/13/1836 - 01/23/1888); Tom Boggess, Sr., (11/27/1883 - 09/01/1964); T. S. Boggess, Jr. (this writer, born 03/30/1912); and Tom Boggess, III (born 08/28/1941).  My only regret is that Tommy Boggess, IV (born 04/10/1967) never had the opportunity of attending a Fair managed by a T. S. Boggess in Noxubee County.  However, he did have that privilege in Spaulding County, Georgia, where I managed the County Fair for several years. 


Another matter that brings swells of family pride is the record of premiums, which are still in the family.  There is a 1859 Silver Goblet won by Eliza L. Wellborn (Mrs. Bennett) Boggess, mother of Captain T. S. Boggess.  There is a 1921 Silver Living Cup won by Tom Boggess, Sr. for his Grand Champion Diary Bull.  And there are six silver goblets won from the 1940's and 1950's, and still kept by my daughter, Suzanne.


It is the Boggess women who stand at the extreme two ends of five generations of our family being in Noxubee County Fairs.  Eliza L. Wellborn Boggess, a widow who migrated here from Huntsville, Alabama, with most of her children in the mid 1850's to join her two brothers who'd been around since the 1833 organization of Noxubee County, is the first of our women. And the last of our women serving this beloved Fair is Suzanne Margaret Boggess Sharpe, a current day resident of Dallas, Texas.  That just about covers a whole century! 


My concern for this history review is how can it be done and have everyone recognized who deserves that attention?  It simply cannot be done, but I wish all to know that my intent was to report all of interest that my amateur research could reveal.  Any limitations on reporting are my own limitations, for which it is trusted that the community will receive with corporate forgiveness.





                     ALPHABETIC NAME INDEX


These are names of persons only, and not places nor events.  One page number is indicated for each occurance of the name.  If the same page number is repeated three times, for example, it means the name appears on that page three times. 


- A -

Adams, Dotsy                                                                                                                           17

Augustus, W. B., Jr.                                                                                                                    5

Alford, Julia Frances                                                                                                                24

Allsup, Brice (Mrs.)                                                                                                                   22

Allsup, Donald                                                                                                                         22

Allsup, Dwyne                                                                                                                          24

Allsup, Sybil                                                                                                                      24, 24

Anderson, Robert A. (Bob)                                                                               21, 22, 24, 25, 28

Armstrong, J. H.                                                                                                                       24


- B -

Bailey, Tom                                                                                                                             16

Ballard, Lipscomb (Lip)                                                                                                     13, 14

Barnett, Dot                                                                                                                             22

Barry, Col. (Congressman)                                                                                                          1

Bell, J. E.                                                                                                                                 20

Bennett                                                                                                                              21, 22

Bilbo, Theo G.                                                                                                                         16

Binion (of Fox Trap)                                                                                                                 10

Blewett, Allen (Col.)                                                                                                                   2

Boggess, Bennett (Huntsville)                                                                                                    2

Boggess, Bennett (Macon)                                                                                                     5, 5

Boggess, Beth                                                                                                                          12

Boggess, Elaine                                                                                                                       17

Boggess, Eliza L. Wellborn (Mrs. Bennett Boggess)                                                       2, 29, 29

Boggess, Julian E. (Mr. & Mrs.)                                                                                          12, 17

Boggess, Mary (Mrs. Tom)                                                                                                        13

Boggess, Suzanne Margaret                                                                21, 21, 21, 22, 23, 24, 29

Boggess, Thomas Shelton (Capt.)                                                                    3, 5, 6, 13, 29, 29

Boggess, Thomas Shelton, Sr. (Tom)                                        2, 10, 12, 13, 14, 14, 15, 16, 16

                                                                        18, 18, 20, 20, 20, 20, 23, 24, 27, 27, 28, 29, 29

Boggess, Thomas Shelton, Jr. (T. S.)                                                                     12, 14, 14, 29

Boggess, Thomas Shelton, III (Tommy)                                                                 21, 22, 24, 29

Boggess, Thomas Shelton, IV (Tommy)                                                                                   29

Boswell, J. S.                                                                                                                          20

Boswell, Mary Frances                                                                                                             23

Boswell, Steve                                                                                                                         22

Bradshaw, G. B. (Dr.)                                                                                                                20

Bradshaw, Joe                                                                                                                         21

Briggs, J. L.                                                                                                                            5, 5

Britton, Ed                                                                                                                         22, 22

Britton, Georgia Alice                                                                                                              22

Brooks, John                                                                                                                              7

Brooks, Zack                                                                                                                       21, 22

Burch, Janus                                                                                                                              2

Brummell, Beau                                                                                                                      13

Brunson, Lonnie                                                                                                                      22

Bush, Edna                                                                                                                                5

Bush, M. D.                                                                                                                                5

Bush, Will                                                                                                                                  7

Butler, Alfred                                                                                                                           22

Butler, Pat                                                                                                                               24


- C -

Calmes, W. W.                                                                                                         2, 3, 3, 3, 13

Cameron, B. F. (Capt.)                                                                                                               9

Card, Erlene                                                                                                                            24

Carr, Guy (Mrs.)                                                                                                                        22

Carr, John                                                                                                                                15

Carrol, Stanley                                                                                           16, 27, 27, 27, 27, 27

Cavett, E. D.                                                                                                                              3

Cavett, E. V.                                                                                                                              5

Cavett, Josh                                                                                                                             13

Chancellor, Carol Ann                                                                                                             24

Chandler, Mr.                                                                                                                             1

Chilcutt, Ben                                                                                                                           22

Clark, Mr                                                                                                                                    1

Clark, Betty Ann                                                                                                                       24

Clark, Jackie                                                                                                                            25

Clay, Matt (Dr.)                                                                                                                           2

Cockrell, John R.                                                                                                             3, 5, 13

Cockrell, Tom                                                                                                                            1

Cockrell, Tom                                                                                                                          15

Cole (of Deerbrook)                                                                                                                  10

Coleman, Bessie Joe                                                                                                               24

Connor, Francis                                                                                                     20, 20, 20, 27

Connor, Mary Frances                                                                                                              18

Connor, Mike                                                                                                                           16

Connor, Vickey                                                                                                                        24

Connor, William D.                                                                                                                    2

Cooper, Bryant                                                                                                                         22

Cooper, Lewis                                                                                                                          22

Cooper, Mary Beth                                                                                                                   24

Cunningham (of Cliftonville)                                                                                                    10

Cunningham, Gus                                                                                                                    20

Cunningham, J. B.                                                                                                       18, 20, 22

Cunningham, Ruth (Mrs.)                                                                                                         14

Curtis, Kennon                                                                                                                         20


- D -

Daniels, J. M. (Mrs.)                                                                                                                 17

Daves, W. W.                                                                                                                            22

Dean, J. M.                                                                                                                              13

Dent, Ann                                                                                                                                21

Derryberry, Jolly                                                                                                                       24

Deupree, J. W.                                                                                                     2, 2, 3, 3, 5, 13

Devaney, Joe (Mrs.)                                                                                                                 20

Dillard, George G.                                                                                                                 3, 4

Dorroh, Z. T.                                                                                                                              3

Douglass, Lee                                                                                                                          23

Douglass, Morgan                                                                                                                    22

Douglass, Tom (Mrs.)                                                                                                         22, 22

Duckworth, D. W. (Dr.)                                                                                                              22

Ductworth, Virginia                                                                                                                  23

Dyer, L.                                                                                                                                    23


- E -

Eaves, Albert Wayne                                                                                                                22

Eaves, Glenn                                                                                                                           24

Eichelberger, Mrs.                                                                                                                   17

Egger, Gene                                                                                                                            16

Eiland, C. C.                                                                                                                          1, 3

Elkin, J. B.                                                                                                                               20

Elkin, Kakie                                                                                                                        22, 24

Evans (of Summerville)                                                                                                            10

Evans, Harrison                                                                                                      14, 20, 21, 22

Ewing, Margaret                                                                                                                      25

Ewing, Ruel                                                                                                                             22


- F -

Featherston, C. D.                                                                                                                    13

Ferris, Charlie                                                                                                                          13

Ferris, W. E.                                                                                                                               5

Fields (of Shuqualak)                                                                                                               10

Floore, Nora Joy                                                                                                                      25

Foote, H. W.                                                                                           2, 2, 3, 4, 5, 5, 5, 28, 28

Forbes, Eddie                                                                                                                          21

Ford, Burton (Mr. & Mrs.)                                                                                                          17

Ford, Florence                                                                                                                         17

Ford, Janet                                                                                                                              17

Frances, Walter                                                                                                                        24

Franklin, Lester                                                                                                                        16

Freeman, C. E.                                                                                                                        21


- G -

Gary, C. W.                                                                                                                              28

Gathright, Thomas S.                                                                                                                2

George, E. T.                                                                                                   12, 13, 13, 15, 20

Goerge, Ernest, Jr.                                                                                                                   27

George, Hunter Scales                                                                                                      14, 14

Gibson, Mable                                                                                                                         23

Gilmore, William                                                                                                               21, 22

Gradbold (Mrs., of Brookhaven)                                                                                                24

Graham, William                                                                                                                       2

Greegs, Lulu                                                                                                                              5

Greer, Dot                                                                                                                                24

Griggs, J. L.                                                                                                                   3, 9, 9, 9

Crigler, Tom White                                                                                                                  22

Guy, J. J. (Mrs.)                                                                                                                          2

Guy, Nancy                                                                                                                              25


- H -

Hambick, M. C.                                                                                                                      5, 5

Hams, G. D.                                                                                                                               2

Hardin, Barbara                                                                                                                       24

Hardin, H. H.                                                                                                                      20, 21

Harlan, Jehu                                                                                                                              2

Harper, Lilley Ruthe                                                                                                                 23

Harrison, N. H.                                                                                                                        5, 5

Hayden, Todd                                                                                                                          22

Hays, Willard                                                                                                                            27

Hailey, Roy                                                                                                                              25

Heard, Betty Lou                                                                                                                      22

Heard, George (Mr. & Mrs.)                                                                                                      14

Heard, Johnny, Jr.                                                                                                              20, 21

Henderson, J. Y. (Dr.)                                                                                                                 2

Henley, O. J.                                                                                                                            24

Henley, R. N.                                                                                                                           20

Henley, Sara                                                                                                                            18

Herring, E. O.                                                                                                                           25

Hibbler, James L.                                                                                                                   2, 3

Hightower, Mr. (of Natchez)                                                                                                     24

Hill, S. V. D. (Dr.)                                                                                                                       2

Hilliard, J. R.                                                                                                                            20

Hines, Bill                                                                                                                                15

Hobby, E. L.                                                                                                                             28

Holberg, Jacob (Jake)                                                                                                        3, 6, 9

Holloaway, Jimmy                                                                                                                   24

Holman, J. N.                                                                                                                             5

Hubbard, Robert                                                                                                                      24

Hudson, Bryant                                                                                                                        23

Hughes, Bode                                                                                                                          28

Hughes, W. C.                                                                                                                          24

Humphreres, Duke                                                                                                                    18

Hunter, Charles                                                                                                                        17

Hunter, Ernest                                                                                                                          16

Hunter, Eugene                                                                                                                       23

Hurt, Mr.                                                                                                                                   22

Hutton, W. W.                                                                                                                           24


- I -

Irions, S. M.                                                                                                                               9


- J -

Jackson, Catherine                                                                                                                  18

Jackson, S. A.                                                                                                                  3, 3, 13

Jamison, J. H.                                                                                                                        3, 3

Jensen, Mr.                                                                                                                              20

Jernigan, Arthur                                                                                                                       20

Jernigan, Walter Van                                                                                                               24

Johnson, Paul (Judge)                                                                                                             16

Jones, Harry                                                                                                                             24

Jones, Wyatt                                                                                                                            19


- K -

Klaus, A (Mrs.)                                                                                                                          10

Klaus, Ann                                                                                                                               24

Klaus, Judy                                                                                                                              24

Klaus, Mable Owen                                                                                                                 13


- L -

Land, Hal                                                                                                                                 23

Land, H. G.                                                                                                                              20

Lane                                                                                                                                        11

Lane, Orie                                                                                                                               21

Lantz, Wiley (Mrs.)                                                                                                             22, 22

Lee, Erlle B.                                                                                                                            24

Lewis (a Negro trainer)                                                                                           15, 15, 27, 27

Lindley, A. L.                                                                                                                           20

Long, Wiston                                                                                                                            24

Love, James                                                                                                                              7

Lucas, W. B.                                                                                                                            22

Lumberg, Bruce                                                                                                                       11


- M -

Mahorner, Mat                                                                                         3, 3, 3, 5, 5, 5, 9, 9, 13

Martin, Doc                                                                                                                              15

Martin, L. L. (Mr. & Mrs.)                                                                                                    17, 18

Martin, Margie Mae                                                                                                                 17

Martin, Warren (Mr. & Mrs.)                                                                                                      16

Mauldin, Ervin (Mrs.)                                                                                                                20

Mays (of Mashualaville)                                                                                                           10

McCloud, J. F.                                                                                                                           3

McHenry, Tom S.                                                                                                        15, 26, 27

McLeod, J. F.                                                                                                                            3

Means, Ray H.                                                                                                                         17

Mills, John (Johnny)                                                                                                           22, 28

Minor, Helen                                                                                                                            18

Minor, Henry                                                                                                                            12

Minor, Lute                                                                                                      14, 14, 17, 17, 21

Moore                                                                                                                                21, 22

Moore, G. D. (Major)                                                                                                                  2

Moore, P. E.                                                                                                                            22

Moore, Roxie                                                                                                                           16

Moore, Tom (Sheriff)                                                                                                               16

Morris, L. B. (Dr.)                                                                                                                18, 24

Morris, Larry                                                                                                                 21, 21, 21

Morton, Jesse                                                                                                                             2

Mullins, Andrew                                                                                                                       13

Mullens Brothers                                                                                                                      20

Mullins, Mable                                                                                                                         24

Mullins, Jack                                                                                                                      22, 22

Mullins, Sylvia                                                                                                                         24

Mullins, U. W. (Mrs.)                                                                                                                 17

Murphey, Maud                                                                                                                       16

Musgrove, H. E. (Mr. & Mrs.)                                                                                               22, 23


- N -

Neves, W. M.                                                                                                                              2

Newel, Paul F.                                                                                                                         17

Nicholson (of Shuqualak)                                                                                                         10

Nixon, L. H.                                                                                                                              22

Noblin, J. N.                                                                                                                             24

Nunn (of Shuqualak)                                                                                                                10

Nunn, E. F.                                                                                                                  3, 3, 5, 13


- O -

Orr, Simeon (Col)                                                                                                                       1


- P -

Pace, J. V.                                                                                                                         13, 28

Patty, Edmond                                                                                                                         15

Patty, Robert B.                                                                                                                         5

Patty, Robert C.                                                                                                                     2, 4

Paulettes (of Cooksville)                                                                                                           10

Perkins, Frances                                                                                                                       25

Phillip, R. W. (Mrs.)                                                                                                                    4

Phillips, Monie                                                                                                                        24

Phillips, Sally                                                                                                                            5

Poag, Steve                                                                                                                             24

Poinders                                                                                                                                  24

Poindexter, J. O.                                                                                                                      14

Poindexter, J. Q.                                                                                                                  9, 10

Porter (of Lynn Creek)                                                                                                              10

Price (of Prairie Point)                                                                                                             10

Prince, J. A.                                                                                                                             13

Price, J. R.                                                                                                                                 3

Prince, Nancy                                                                                                                          24

Prince, Marion                                                                                                                         24

Princes (of Summerville)                                                                                                         10

Prince, J. R.                                                                                                                               3


- Q -


- R -

Rainey, Billy                                                                                                                            22

Rainey, Red                                                                                                                             22

Rainey, Tiny                                                                                                                            17

Reeves, Lulu                                                                                                                              5

Rhett, Ellis                                                                                                                               22

Rice, H. A. (Capt.)                                                                                                                      4

Ricks, J. R.                                                                                                                               18

Robertson (of Deerbrook)                                                                                                          10

Rogers, James                                                                                                                         28

Rogers, N. N.                                                                                                                              9

Ross, T. J.                                                                                                                          3, 3, 4

Russell, David                                                                                                                          22

Russell, George                                                                                                                       13

Russells (of Mashulaville)                                                                                                         10


- S -

Sargeant, Thomas M.                                                                                                                2

Sartor, Johnny                                                                                                                         28

Savage, Cora Gene                                                                                                                 23

Scales, Howard                                                                                                                        10

Scales, Noah                                                                                                             9, 9, 10, 11

Scott, Margaret Brownlee                                                                                                  20, 28

Sharpe, Suzanne Margaret Boggess                                                    21, 21, 21, 22, 23, 24, 29

         (Mrs. D. A. Sharpe)

Shaul, Art                                                                                                                                21

Shaul, J. A.                                                                                                                              20

Sheets, W. E. (Dr.)                                                                                                              17, 18

Shelton, James B.                                                                                                                     2

Skinner, Earl                                                                                                                            14

Slaton, Evert                                                                                                                            22

Sligh, Laurence                                                                                                                       12

Sly                                                                                                                                           11

Smith (of Prairie Point)                                                                                                            10

Smith, Walter                                                                                                                           22

Smyth (of Brooksville)                                                                                                              10

Snowden, Eva                                                                                                                           5

Sortor, Johnny                                                                                                                         25

Spann, Frank                                                                                                                             1

Sparkman, Jessie E.                                                                                                     10, 10, 13

Spooner, Julie (Miss)                                                                                                                 1

Spurgeon, Ann                                                                                                                        21

Spurgeon, Ralph                                                                                                               25, 25

Stable                                                                                                                                      24

Stanley, J. E.                                                                                                                           28

Steele, Montgomery (Mrs.)                                                                                                       17

Stennis, Mary L.                                                                                                                       22

Stevens, Boswell                                                                                                    15, 15, 20, 22

Stewart, W. H.                                                                                                                            5

Stokes, J. T. (Capt.)                                                                                                                    1

Stowers, W. T.                                                                                                                            5

Strong, Charles (Mrs.)                                                                                                               17

Strong, Charlie (Mayor)                                                                                                            14

Stuart, Jane                                                                                                                             22

Sullivan, Andrew (Mrs.)                                                                                                            20

Swain, Sam                                                                                                                             27

Swann Brothers                                                                                                                        20

Swann, Rose                                                                                                                            24

Swoope, M.                                                                                                                             24


- T -

Tabor, F. A.                                                                                                                             14

Tate, R. P. (Mrs.)                                                                                                                      20

Taylor, Bessie                                                                                                                          25

Taylor, V. L.                                                                                                                       25, 28

Tinsley, Lanky                                                                                                                          27

Thomas, Charles N.                                                                                                                   2

Trimble, Ruth                                                                                                                          18

Triplett (at Lynn Creek)                                                                                                            10

Tyson, Brooke                                                                                                                          13

Tyson, John Anderson                                                                                                   1, 3, 6, 8

Tyson, John Anderson, Jr.                                                                                                  13, 15


- U -


- V -

Van Zandt, Anse                                                                                                                      20

Varden, Viven                                                                                                                          18


- W -

Walker, Mr. (of Meridian)                                                                                                          22

Walker, B. M.                                                                                                                             9

Walker, Ben                                                                                                                               7

Walker, L. W., Sr.                                                                                                                       2

Wallace, Sonny                                                                                                                       23

Walter, Kay                                                                                                                              22

Walton, Louis                                                                                                                     25, 28

Watt, Clara Jean                                                                                                                      24

Welburn, Charles                                                                                                                     25

Wellborn, Eliza L. (Mrs. Bennett Boggess)                                                                     2, 29, 29

White, Ralph                                                                                                                            22

Whitten, W. W.                                                                                                       22, 22, 22, 28

Wilburn, Tom                                                                                                                           25

Wilkins (of Brooksville)                                                                                                              10

Wilkins, Doc                                                                                                                             13

Williams, J. H.                                                                                                                      1, 28

Williams, Lula B.                                                                                                                       5

Wilson, Carol Ann                                                                                                                    24

Withers, E. Q. (Mrs.                                                                                                                  13

Windham (of Fox Trap)                                                                                                            10

Windham, Margaret                                                                                                                 18

Woods                                                                                                                                      21


- X -


- Y -

Yates, E. V.                                                                                                                              13

Yount                                                                                                                                 21, 22

Yount, Sarah                                                                                                                           22


- Z -

Zeigler, R. L.                                                                                                                      21, 22