Dear Family and Students of Genealogy:


                        The published materials herein represent the gleanings of my inquiry since 1978 in pursuit of the love of family, genealogy and of history.  The purpose in gathering these works is to leave a heritage for my living relatives to know of their roots and for future descendants who may desire to know from whence they came. 


                        It is also a purpose to arrange for this information to be assessed by anyone interested through the Internet, and through public and private libraries, chiefly those located in areas of the country where some of the stories occurred.  It is hoped this will place in the public domain the threads and marvelous colors of humanity that comprise this diverse family story. 


                        Another purpose is to create documents, the study of which, for my descendants, will be a combined exercise in learning about some well known public figures in history as well as a rather thorough knowledge of our family and its allied families -- those who married into our family. 


                        And lastly, but perhaps most importantly, it has been my desire to document elements of Christian heritage that have been a part of our family lines.  It is of interest to note that the first person for whom there is information here of a Christian life is the occasion of the baptism in 591 AD of English King Ceawlin.  He is the earliest member of this ancestry that claimed Christianity over 1,400 years ago.  Pope Gregory had sent a missionary, named Father Columba, to England about 590 AD.  It was this priest who administered the rite of Christian baptism for Ceawlin.  King Ceawlin is the 35th great grandfather of Edward Southworth, the first husband of Alice Carpenter Southworth Bradford, my eighth great grandmother on my father's side of the family.  Edward, coincidently, is my 25th cousin, eight times removed, on my mother's side of the family.


                        William the Conqueror is my sixth cousin, 27 times removed!  He is also is the 17th great grandfather of the first husband of Alice Carpenter, my eighth great grandmother.  He did not immigrate to England.  He conquered England in 1066, won the throne, and ruled with significance.  He became most influential in actions that resulted in English having the most words of any language.  He built the original units of the Tower of London and of Windsor Castle.  At the beginning of his reign, he and his advisors set down a list of ten principles of law by which the land would be governed by him with them.  The very first principle was:  "First that above all things, he (King William) wishes one God to be revered throughout his whole realm, one faith in Christ to be kept ever inviolate, and peace and security to be preserved between English and Normans"




                        Sir Thomas Abney, elected Lord Mayor of England in 1702, was a Godly man whose family provided lodging in their castle for the last 33 years of the life of the musician who wrote and played music for their nonconformist Protestant Church on their manor just outside of London.  He was Isaac Watts, known in England as the Father of Hymnody.  You may remember such hymns as "When I Survey the Wondrous Cross," "Come, Holy Spirit, Heavenly Dove," "I Sing The Mighty Power of God," and "Jesus Shall reign Where're the Sun."  Sir Thomas is my first cousin, 11 times removed.  At the same time, Sir Thomas is the 25th cousin of the first husband of Alice Carpenter, my eighth great grandmother, whose second husband was Gov. William Bradford of Plymouth Colony.


                        The Christian heritage and strong leadership of Plymouth Colony Gov. William Bradford of the Mayflower experience is widely known in the colonization of North America.  He was a co-author of the Mayflower Compact, the first document in the New World describing a system of democratic self-governing for the people about to establish a new life.  It was a Christian covenant between these New World citizens and God.  Bradford is sometimes attributed as the Father of American History.  His writings about Plymouth Colony are among the few 17th century American History records that survive.  He was self-educated and developed knowledge of seven languages, including Greek, Latin and Hebrew, which enabled him to know and to teach the Bible with authority.  He served 33 one-year terms as Governor of Plymouth Colony in the first 36 years there.  It's an honor to claim him as my eighth great grandfather.  Numerous clergy and lay leadership roles are in our families and such recognition is given notice.


                        Statistics are often a curiosity for some and such has been accumulated here.  There are over 7,300 individuals in this genealogical database.  There is information describing over 2,500 marriages.  The average age of those for whom both birth dates and graduation dates are known is about 60 years.  Obviously, the earlier generations' shorter life spans affect this average downward, as many of us in this current century definitely outdistance this average.  Certainly I am among those who have passed that average age, and my father-in-law, Thomas Shelton Boggess, Jr., is 94 years old at this writing.  There are 69 generations in these books, with each generation averaging slightly over 28 years.   That means that the average first child was born at the parent average age of 28 years.  There are over 2,000 surname spellings, a number of which are merely variations on the same name.


                        However, the very earliest relative who had significance of a King was Cerdic.  We do not know when Cerdic was born.  It is said that Cerdic and his son, Cynric, and their following of wandering barbaric Germanic soldiers, established a presence in Britain, arriving on five ships.  They founded a settlement in 495 AD on the coast of an area that became known as Hampshire, England.  As he assumed the role of a King in 519 AD, he became the first of the Anglo-Saxon Kings.  It must be remembered that being a King in England in the early years did not mean all of what we know as England.  Kings covered a somewhat local region, and quite a number of Kings existed at any given time. 


                        The earliest relative about who I have recorded anything would be Godwulf, who was born about 80 AD. Godwulf came about on this earth in the days that the Biblical New Testament were just being completed.  "Revelation was written when Christians were entering a time of persecution.  The two periods most often mentioned are the latter part of Nero's reign (54-68 AD) and the latter part of Domitian's reign (81-96 AD).  Most scholars date the book about 95 AD.  A few suggest a date during the reign of Vespasian:  69-79 AD."   Other New Testament writings were being wrapped up in the era of Godwulf's birth.  The Gospel of Jesus Christ was beginning to grow across the world.  However, it would be the 17th generation from Godwulf before Christianity came into this family line.  Of course, one of the most famous Post Biblical events to occur to the Isralite nation was the destruction of the Temple at Jerusalem in 70 AD, just a decade prior to Godwulf's birth.  In Godwulf's lifetime, when Trajan was Emperor of Rome (98-116), the Roman Empire reached its greatest geographical extent. 


                        There are people in my research who connect with well known historical events, but who are not those for whom we find Christian witness.  For example, we have that ruthless ruler of unfavorable renown, King John of Lackland, my tenth cousin, 23 times removed, who was forced by the English barons to agree to issue a Royal Charter in 1215, which became known as the Magna Carta (Latin name for the Great Charter).   It was the document which limited royal power and made it clear that even the king had to obey the law.  It was an early form of democracy, human rights and civil rights expressed in written form in an official government document.  King John, his son, King Henry III, and his grandson, King Edward I, all issued editions of the Magna Carta, seventeen copies of which survive today.  Fifteen of the copies are in Britain, one is in Australia and one is in America , was first owned by the foundation established by a church acquaintance of mine, Mr. H. Ross Perot, Sr.  He has given me a print copy of that Magana Carta which is proudly framed and hung at my home. 


                        King Edward I, known as Longshanks, because of his unusual tall height, was the King who defended against the rebellion of William Wallace of Scotland.  Wallace led his Scotsmen against the King in a failed effort of independence from England.  Some readers might remember the movie by actor-director Mel Gibson, "Braveheart," wherein Longshanks was given a decidedly unfavorable bias in a story intended to celebrate the Scotts.  The American copy of the Magna Carta was issued by King Edward I.  It became considered by many to be the most famous copy, as it was the first one to find its way into English codified law.  Ten of its thirty-seven elements are still on the books today as originally drafted. 


                        One English lady, previously mentioned in our family, provides a very interesting connection in world history.  Alice Carpenter is that lady, who appears on my father's side of the lineage.  Her first husband was Edward Southworth, the 11th great grandson of King Edward I, who issued the most famous version of the Magna Carta.  On my mother's side, King Edward I is my 12th cousin, 21 times removed.  After Edward Southworth died in England, Alice migrated to the New World and to the Plymouth Colony where she married Gov. William Bradford, who was a co-author of the Mayflower Compact, that very Godly document of self-governance.  William and Alice are my eighth great grandparents.  Alice's family, the Carpenters, were very wealthy.  By one account in 1700, the estate was worth some 200 million dollars.  It is quite a privilege and blessing to have family connections to two of the world's most significant written documents that have to do with governance, democracy and civil rights. 


                        There is a section here with the monarchs of England for 519 AD to 1548 AD listed in chronological order.  The years of reign for each are noted.  Also noted is what relationship that King has to the family members in this book.  Truthfully, some of them are somewhat remote.  There are 46 British Kings in that period and 34 Kings (74%) are related to our family among the ones who reigned those 1,028 years.  Our family Kings occupied the throne for 898 years, 87% of the time of those 966 years!  That is over a two thirds plus majority rule if I have ever heard of one!


                        My earliest interest in the genealogy stemmed from research my brother-in-law, Victor Marcus Ehlers, Jr., did on the Sharpe family in the early 1970's. His interest was motivated by the prospect of my father being eligible for delayed share of the estate of a Sharpe ancestor who was an exceptionally interesting entrepreneur.  Receiving a share of the estate never developed, but a wonderfully entertaining story was learned about Willis Sharpe Kilmer.  Among the interesting facts, Willis owned Exterminator, the winning horse in the 1918 Kentucky Derby.


                        Vic received some papers in the 1970's from Mrs. Maybelle Alberta Sharpe, a resident of Chicago, Illinois and a first cousin to my father.  Her materials included some reports written by one Henry Z. Jones, Jr.  Subsequently, Hank has become very well known as a professional genealogist, specializing in the German Palatines who migrated to America, beginning in 1710.  It was my privilege to meet Hank in February, 2004  when he was the keynote conference speaker  in Richardson, Texas sponsored by the Dallas Genealogical Society.  Hank is a former actor, having appeared in several Walt Disney pictures, and has been a long time usher at the First Methodist Church of San Diego, California.  He is a delightful friend in genealogy to get to know.  I am greatly indebted to Hank's extensive work, and I have benefited from several volumes of his work that have been purchased and added to my library. 


                        In 1978, my father-in-law's first cousin, Edwin Murphey, insisted that the farthermost anyone could trace back in their Boggess family was their great grandfather, Bennett Boggess of Huntsville, Alabama , who died in 1842.  Edwin challenged me to move further back in time, and I took the bait.  Arising to the challenge, and, with the help of many others, the information on the Boggess line now goes back into the mid 1600's in England.


                        We have a remote connection to the Rockefeller family of American History.  My third grand aunt was Catharina Sharp, wife of Johann Philip Rockefeller, who is the fourth great grand uncle of Vice President of the United States Nelson Rockefeller.   Philip and Cartharina were married in New York City in 1768, just prior to the American Revolution. 


                        Texas History is important to me.  My earliest ancestor in Texas was Felix Benedict Dixon, my maternal great, great grandfather, whose marriage license was issued January 7, 1846 in San Augustine, San Augustine County, Texas. He took an immigration oath there in May 1841 to become a citizen of the Republic of Texas .   He purchased 1,000 acres of land there in 1842.  Was a member of the Presbyterian Church there, which was established in 1838 as the very first Presbyterian Church in all of Texas.  Also on Mom's side was the Abney line that came to Texas in 1853.  We have a remote “cousin” relationship to a patriot who died in the Battle of the Alamo, fighting for the independence from Mexico of Texas.  He was John (Johnny) Benjamin Kellogg. 


                        My grandfather Henry (Harry) Seth Sharpe came to Georgetown, Williamson County, Texas in 1895, though his older brother, Alfred Lansing Sharpe, arrived in 1882.  In 1904, Fred was elected to the Texas Legislature, to be the first Republican elected to a state level office since the Days of Reconstruction!


                        For friends interested in the study of the War Between the States, Confederate President Jefferson Davis is the uncle of my great, great aunt, Susanna Elizabeth Davis Abney.  He also is the son-in-law of United States President Zachary Taylor.  Davis' pre-Civil War service included being United States Secretary of Defense.  A lot of my wife's Boggess heritage is in Macon, Noxubee County, Mississippi, the main street of which is Jefferson Avenue, named after him, principally because, in 1860, he laid the cornerstone of the second Noxubee County Courthouse.


                        There are cousin connections to 20 of the 44 Presidents of the United States . There also are cousin connections to two


                        These genealogical documents are the kind of writing that may not inspire enthusiasm among younger family members, but I believe many of them will enjoy having access to the information when they are over 50 years old.  This work is like a reference source and many readers will be consulting only those parts they think are relevant to them, checking the index to see where their name appears.  However, I do hope some will read about other families and will enjoy the rich complexity and diversity that is our privilege to be related to such interesting people.  


                        I hope and trust the younger generation will keep this book accessible until that time of interest, and that some of them may be inspired to add the subsequent data that occurs as time marches on for our family, for the world, and as we await the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.  After that, we will not need these writings anymore, as we will know in God's good providence all that we will need to know in order to praise Him in eternity.




                                                            Yours in Christ, In the year of our Lord, 2012


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