U.S. Presidents & Vice Presidents

 By D. A. Sharpe


It is an honor and privilege for a family to realize it has a family relationship to a President or Vice President of the United States.  However, our family is, indeed, extremely blessed to have multiple such relationships. There are out of 45 Presidents, 17 (38%) of the Presidents have a relationship to our family, distant as they may be!  Also, there are seven related Vice Presidents, four of which went on to be Presidents.


This is a list of all the Presidents of the United States and the dates of their terms of service. If they have a relationship to our family, such relationship is described in the chart below.


One item of interest might be what occupations did Presidents have prior to their national service.  The most frequent occupation was that 17 out of the 45 Presidents so far were lawyers.  Only one ever served as a Labor Union President.  Only two were pilots, and they were father and son.  One President was a football player, also being the only President who was an Eagle Scout and the only one who was a professional fashion model. He also was the only one to have served both as a Vice President and a President and never was elected to either office.    Only one was an engineer.   Here is the list.


Another item of my interest is that a description is included in my write-ups of the evidences of Christian faith of most of the Presidents related to our family.  ThatÕs a part of my advocacy that faith in our political leaders is important to the wellbeing of our nation and to its governance.


 One observation of interest is to see the relationships Presidents had to each other. Though many connections could be examined, one interesting one is to note that twelve of the fourteen Presidents, included himself, are related to the first President, General George Washington. Though he had no descendants, he certainly came for fine genealogical stock that spawn significant leadership in the life of our nation.


This display page is a good educational source to study and to learn about those who have served the United States in the offices of President or Vice President throughout our history as a nation.


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 George Washington                 1789-1797    He is my 26th cousin, seven times removed.  He is the 11th great grandson of English King Edward I, the last of the three Kings to issue the Magna Carta that had such place in the documents of governance as the New World developed.  Our common ancestors are Eystein Glumra Ivarsson and his wife, Aseda, who are my 32nd great grandparents and George's 25th great grand parents 




John Adams                                  1797-1801    He is the husband of Abigail Smith, a 29th cousin, four times removed to me.  The ancestors in common for Abigail and me are Eystein Glumra Ivarsson the Earl of More, and his wife, Aseda.  They are the 28th great grandparents of Abigail and the 32nd great grandparents to me.  They are Vikings of Norway who lived in the 800's. 



Thomas Jefferson                1801-1809   He is my 28th cousin, five times removed.  Our ancestor in common is Eystein Glumra Ivarsson and his wife, Aseda Rognvaldsdatter.  They are President JeffersonÕs 27th great grandparents and my 32nd great grandparents.  Jefferson is the 9th cousin, twice removed from Edward Carleton, the husband of Ellen Newton, the stepdaughter of my 6th great grand uncle, Danette Abney, born 1712.  





James Madison, Jr.                 1809-1817     HeÕs the 3rd cousin, 7 times removed, from my son-in-law, Steve Westmoreland.  He is the 13th cousin, five times removed to President George Washington.  He is the 15th cousin, three times removed to President Thomas Jefferson.  James Madison is the third cousin, once removed, to President Zachary Taylor.  James Madison's relationship to President Zachary Taylor is extended in that President Taylor is the father-in-law of President Jefferson Davis of the Confederate States of America. 



James Monroe                         1817-1825    He is the 13th Cousin 2 times removed of first President, George Washington.  President Monroe is my 31st cousin, twice removed.  He is the 18th cousin, seven times removed to my son-in-law, Steven O. Westmoreland. 



John Quincy Adams                 1825-1829   He is the 30th cousin, three times removed to me.  Our ancestors in common are Ragnvald I (died in 890 AD) and his wife, Hild, who were the 28th great grandparents to John Quincy Adams.  They were the 31st great grandparents to me.   This Ragnvald I was also known as Ragnvald the Mighty or Ragnvald the Wise.  He was Jarl of the Uplands from Norway, a Viking.  He became one of King Harald's men in 866. Rangwold gave the king the name of Harfager (Fair Hair).  Ragnvald defeated Solve Kold of More and King Novke of Romsdal at the Battle of Solskel in 867.  He was given those districts by King Harald "Fair Hair." President Adams is the 17th cousin, eight times removed to my son-in-law, Steve O. Westmoreland.


Andrew Jackson                      1829-1837    



Martin Van Buren                   1837-1841    


William Henry Harrison                   1841    


John Tyler                                1841-1845    



James K. Polk                          1845-1849    



Zachary Taylor                        1849-1850    Zachary Taylor is my 32nd cousin, once removed. In addition, Zachary Taylor is the father-in-law of Confederacy President Jefferson Davis, the Uncle to Susanah Elizabeth Davis Abney, wife of James (Jim) Addison Abney of Lufkin, Texas. Jim is a brother-in-law of Martha Jane Dixon Abney, daughter of Judge Felix Benedict Dixon, my great, great grandfather, the ancestor by whom my qualification was documented for membership in the Sons of the Republic of Texas. President Davis' first wife, Sarah Knox Taylor, is my 33rd cousin. Sarah is the third cousin, five times removed to my son-in-law, Steven O. Westmoreland.



Millard Fillmore                       1850-1853   President Millard Fillmore is my fourth cousin, four times removed. The ancestors in common between President Fillmore and myself are Dorcas Bronson and her husband, Stephen Hopkins. They are the third great grandparents of President Fillmore, and they are my seventh great grandparents. President Fillmore also is the sixth cousin, three times removed to my wife, Suzanne Margaret Boggess. Their ancestors in common are George Hills and Mary Symonds, the fifth great grandparents of President Fillmore. They also are the eighth great grandparents to Suzanne. _ __



Franklin Pierce                        1853-1857    



James Buchanan                      1857-1861    




Abraham Lincoln                     1861-1865   Abraham Lincoln is my 30th cousin, three times removed.  Our ancestors in common are Eystein Glumra Ivarsson and Aseda.  They are ninth century Vikings of Norway who are Lincoln's 29th great grandparents and my 32nd great grandparents. Lincoln's tenth great grandparents were English King Henry VII and Elizabeth Plantagenet (Elizabeth of York). The fourth child of their eight children was King Henry VIII.  Henry VIIIÕs second of six wives was Anne Boleyn, the sister of Mary Boleyn.  Mary was the wife of William Carey, who is my 20th cousin, 13 times removed.  Henry VIII is my 19th cousin, 14 times removed, having Eyestein Glumra and Aseda as his 18th great grandparents.  Lincoln is the ninth great grandnephew of King Henry VIII.   Lincoln is the half fourth cousin, ten times removed to William Cary, my 30th cousin, 13 times removed.  Lincoln is the 17th cousin, eight times removed to my son-in-law, Steven O. Westmoreland and 30th cousin, four times removed to Steve's wife (our daughter), Tiffany Lenn Sharpe Westmoreland. 


Andrew Johnson                      1865-1869    


Ulysses S. Grant                      1869-1877    


Rutherford B. Hayes               1877-1881    



James A. Garfield                     1881    U. S. President James A. Garfield's wife, Lucretia Rudolph Garfield, is the sixth great grandchild of George Hills and Mary Symonds, who, of course, are the eighth great grandparents of my wife, Suzanne Margaret Boggess Sharpe. You can note that these sixth great grandparents as the same sixth great grandparents of Presidents Fillmore and Pierce.  Quite an unusual heritage for this English born family to give to America three sixth great grandchildren to serve in the White House!_ 



Chester Arthur                         1881-1885    


Grover Cleveland                    1885-1889    


Benjamin Harrison                  1889-1893    


Grover Cleveland                    1893-1897    


William McKinley                   1897-1901    



Theodore Roosevelt                1901-1909     He is a fifth cousin to the 32th President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  FDR is my half eighth cousin.  His other relation to us is through his niece, Eleanor Roosevelt, who married Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  So, President Roosevelt is a cousin to a cousin.  __ 


William Howard Taft              1909-1913   He is the father-in-law of Eleanor Kellogg Chase, my 7th cousin, once removed.  The ancestors in common with Eleanor and me are Joseph Kellogg and Joanne Foote, both born in the 1620's, born in England and immigrated to Massachusetts.  They are her sixth great grandparents and my seventh great grandparents. 



Woodrow Wilson                      1913-1921    


Warren Harding                       1921-1923    


Calvin Coolidge                       1923-1929    


Herbert Hoover                       1929-1933    



Franklin Delano Roosevelt            1933-1945    He is my half eighth cousin.  The ancestor in common is Alice Carpenter, who emigrated from England to Plymouth Colony in 1623.  She is the seventh great grandmother of Roosevelt and of me.  Roosevelt is descended through Alice and her first husband, Edward Southworth.  I am descended through Alice and her second husband, William Bradford.  He is the eleventh cousin, once removed from England's Sir Winston Churchill.  The ancestor in common to President Roosevelt and Sir Churchill is Vicsount Anthony Browne III.  Viscount Browne is the tenth great grandfather of President Roosevelt and is the eleventh great grandfather of Sir Churchill. 


Harry S. Truman                      1945-1953    


Dwight Eisenhower                  1953-1961    


John F. Kennedy                      1961-1963    


Lyndon Johnson                       1963-1969    


Richard M. Nixon                    1969-1974     


Gerald R. Ford                         1974-1977    He is the 17th cousin, four times removed, to President James Monroe.  President Monroe is my 31st cousin, twice emoved.  President Monroe is the 18th cousin, seven times removed to my son-in-law, Steven O. Westmoreland. 


Jimmy Carter                           1977-1981    



Ronald Reagan                        1981-1989     President Ronald Wilson Reagan is the seventh cousin, once removed to me. The Ancestors in common between President Reagan and me are Susannah Coldman and her husband, John Bishop. They are the sixth great grandparents of United States President Ronald Wilson Reagan. They are my seventh great grandparents, once removed. _ 



George H. W. Bush                 1989-1993    He is a tenth cousin, seven times removed, to the first President of the United States, George Washington, a 26th cousin, seven times removed to me.


William J. Clinton                    1993-2001    



George W. Bush                      2001-2009     He is a tenth cousin, eight times removed to the first President of the United States, George Washington, who is my 26th cousin, seven times removed. 



Barack Obama                        2009-2017


Donald John Trump               2017-2020







 The biographical sketches for those who also served as Presidents are cited above in the entry for eachÕs Presidential service.



John Adams                                                   


Thomas Jefferson


Theodore Roosevelt


Charles Curtis                          1929-1933     He is my half sixth cousin, twice removed.  Our connection of common ancestry is through the Kellogg family.  Charles is the fifth great grandson of Joseph Kellogg (1626-1708) and Joseph Kellogg, an English immigrant to America, is the seventh great grandfather of mine. 


Gerald Ford



Nelson A. Rockefeller             1974-1977     Nelson Rockefeller was the fourth grandnephew of Johann Philip Rockefeller, the husband of Cartharina Sharp.  Philip and Cartharina are my third grand aunt and uncle. 


George H. W. Bush









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