Smith Wigglesworth


      Smith Wigglesworth is a Christian man of exceedingly great statue in England and garnered with a world-wide reputation as an effective servant of Jesus Christ. 


      He is the 32nd Great grandson of ancient English King of Wessex, Aethelwulf (806-858 AD), the 25th great grandfather of Edward Southworth, my 25th cousin, eight times removed, and the first husband of Alice Carpenter.  She is my seventh great grandmother through her second husband, Plymouth Colony Governor William Bradford. 


      Ethelwulf (as it also is spelled) is the 39th great grandfather of our Westmoreland grandchildren, Katherine (Katie), John David (Jack), twins Lily and Sarah and Samuel (Sam).  The Westmoreland grandchildren are 33rd cousins, seven times removed to Smith Wigglesworth.  Their father and uncle, Steve and David Westmoreland, are 33rd cousins, six times removed.  Their grandmother, Betty Katherine Covington Westmoreland, is a 33rd cousin, five times removed, our closest kin to Smith Wigglesworth!


      My wife, Suzanne Margaret Boggess Sharpe, is related to Smith Wigglesworth through her marriage to me and through the cousins of cousins relationships described above. 


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