English King William III (William of Orange)

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William and Mary bore no children.  He is my 25th cousin, eight times removed.  Described in another way, William III is the 8th cousin -1x removed of Edward Carlton, the husband of Ellen Newton, the stepdaughter of Danette Abney (born about 1712) my 6th great grand uncle. This is on my MotherŐs side of the family. 


William was born November 4, 1650.  His parents were William II and Mary Suart. 


The reign of Mary II and William III marked the end of royal prerogative. His coronation was April 11, 1689. He reigned from 1689 to March 8, 1702.


Parliament, with the authority of the oligarchy, came into a position of prominence regarding the governing of England. William spent the greatest part of the reign embroiled in continental battles against Catholicism. Evelyn, in her Diary, made mention of Mary's lack of remorse concerning the abdication of her father, but Evelyn also accurately assessed the characters of the king and queen: "She seems to be of a good nature, and that she takes nothing to heart; whilst the Prince her husband has a thoughtful countenance, is wonderfully serious and silent, and seems to treat all persons alike gravely, and to be very intent on affairs: Holland, Ireland, and France calling for his care."


Source: http://www.britannia.com/history/monarchs/mon51.html


William was known as William III of Orange, as well as William II of Scotland.  "William III was appointed to the Dutch post of Stadtholder on 28 June 1672, and remained in office until he died. In that context, he is sometimes referred to as 'William Henry, Prince of Orange', as a translation of his Dutch title, Willem Hendrik, Prinsvan Oranje. A Protestant, William participated in many wars against the powerful King Louis XIV of France. Many Protestants heralded him as a champion of their faith; it was partly due to such a reputation that he was able to take the crown of England, many of whose people were intensely fearful of Catholicism and the papacy, although other reasons for his success might be his army and a fleet even larger than the famed Spanish Armada. His reign marked the beginning of the transition from the personal control of government of the Stuarts to the Parliamentary type rule of the House of Hanover."


Source:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_III_of_England


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