Happy Birthday




It was Friday,

December 22, 2006

It was such a great time for you and Tom to spend your birthday with our family at the Ranch in Texas!  Such memories are fond and sweet.  (We do regret that your tummy did not let you feel so good). 

Here is some of the evidence that we all had a great time!

The Gang's all here



Lindley is the special of the day!



Everyone is gathering


There was not much room in the Inn!


We wish you a merry Chrismas!


They came from all over


The beauties gathered



We told the tales



We listened with glee


We just had so much fun!!!!!



And Santa was there ! ! !

Westmorelands galore!



The women came running


Life Magazine sent their best


And YOU were Queen for a Day


And the boys all were there


Lindley, we love you very, very, very much!