Chad Hightower

Your quality candidate for 

Wise County Justice of the Peace, Precinct #3




Chad Hightower has lived in Wise County for 31 years with, and near, his family.   His life is a record of service to his community in many regards. 


He became certified as an Emergency Medical Technician in 1991 and joined the Cottondale Volunteer Fire Department in 1992.  He joined the Wise County EMS staff in October 1992 as a 911 Emergency Call Taker.  In January 1993, the 911 office merged with the Wise County Sheriff’s Department to make a centralized call center.  While the Sheriff’s Department Communications Officers trained him in the law enforcement aspect of dispatching, he trained them in the 911 call-taking and dispatching of the volunteer fire departments.  He later transferred to Wise County EMS Medic 3, located in Boyd, as an Emergency Medical Technician on the ambulance responding to life-threatening and non life-threatening calls within the Precinct #3 community, and surrounding communities.


In 1997, he attended the Weatherford College Police Academy, graduating with a Basic Peace Officer certification.  He rejoined the Wise County Sheriff’s Department in August 1997 as a Communications Officer, and became commissioned as a Deputy Sheriff in January 1998. Next, the County transferred him to the Patrol/Enforcement Division in February 1998.  He was promoted to Patrol/Enforcement Sergeant in September 2004.  In 2009, I became the commander of the Wise County Sheriff’s Department Honor Guard.  During that time as a deputy sheriff, the work required working closely with each of the four precinct’s Justices of the Peace.  As a Peace Officer, dedication to helping and serving the public by upholding the law to keep Precinct 3 and Wise County a safe place to live was clearly evident.  There was no fear here to walk our streets after dark.   Years as a Peace Officer gave the working knowledge of the laws of the State of Texas, a bedrock need in qualifying to be an effective Justice of Peace.

When elected Justice of the Peace #3, his commitment is to continue to conduct the office with honor, integrity, and professionalism, just as Judge Autry did during his tenure.  Chad Hightower pledges to the people, “I will listen to both sides of cases presented and  adjudicate rulings that are lawful, fair, to uphold the oath I will swear, and will continue to carry out as Justice of the Peace.  I will have an open door policy and encourage anyone who wishes to meet with me, to do so.” 

Chad Hightower respectfully asks for your VOTE and SUPPORT as the next Justice of the Peace Precinct #3 of Wise County.  If you have any questions, or comments, please feel free to contact him by email (




Education and Experience


* Weatherford College, graduated with Peace Officer Certification

* Deputy Sheriff – 11 years 10 months

*Telecommunicator License

* Advanced Peace Officer Certification

* Taser Instructor

*Police Instructor Certification

*Special Investigator Certification – Sexual Assault and Family Violence

* Cottondale Volunteer Fire Department – 17 years 8 months

* Emergency Medical Technician – 18 years (Currently Intermediate Level)


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