National Day of Prayer in Wise County

D. A. Sharpe


Two dozen stalwart Wise County citizens braved the unusually cool May 4th morning to recognize and to celebrate at the main entrance of our Wise County Courthouses on the square in downtown Decatur the Presidentially-proclaimed National Day of Prayer!  By a 1952 Act of Congress, every Unites States President since then has proclaimed a National Day of Prayer “to turn to God in prayer and meditation.”  Earlier Days of Prayer were called by various Presidents at their own initiatives over our history.


The Wise County Prayer Network called our local gathering.  It is directed by Harlan and Grace Wright.  Prayer subject assignments were made, praying for government leadership, for churches, for our military, for first responders, for our families, for our educational structures, for the media and for business in our nation.  Prayer leaders with the Wright’s were Pastor Eric Vann, Ms. Connie Swain, Ms. Connie Wyatt, Steve Sazama, Chris Dann and D. A. Sharpe.


These fellow Wise County citizens demonstrated our community’s reliance on God and Divine inspiration among all of us, specifically our elected and appointed officials responsible to manage the governance and life here in the United States of America.






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National Day of Prayer, May 4, 2017 on the Square in Decatur, TX