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                            December 29, 2006

State Representative Phil King
Texas State Legislature

Dear Phil:     

What a wonderful delight it was for Suzanne and me to be treated to such a wonderful occasion the appreciation dinner at the Texas Star Ranch earlier this month.  You are so thoughtful to provide such an event for those who have worked for the Republican Party and for you.  Thank you so much.

Also, thank you for the Christmas ornament of the Texas Capitol series.  We have enjoyed receiving these generous gifts from you since the year 2000, and it is a proud collection for us.  This year's ornament, the Goddess of Liberty, is of interest to me.  It is a replica of the new version of that old statue which was replaced circa 1985-90 (or whenever) in its renovated state.  The artist who renovated the statue is Barvo of Dallas, Texas.  Barvo Walker is an acquaintance of mine, as he is a member of the Highland Park Presbyterian Church where my service of 22 years was prior to retirement in 2004.   He really is a neat guy and I remember him each time I view the top of the Capitol dome.

My wishes to you for a rich, prosperous and successful year in the Legislature go with the blessings of God on your work. 

Your friend in common cause,

D. A. Sharpe, County Chairman
Wise County Republican Party