D. A. & Suzanne Sharpe

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                            December 29, 2006

Ms. Marcia Eite, Esteemed Staff Associate for
Outreach for Congresswoman Kay Granger, District #12

Dear Marcia:

What a wonderful delight it was for Suzanne and me to be treated to such a wonderful occasion at the Office of Congresswoman Granger where you conduct your administrative leadership on her behalf with such political prowess.  It was so good to be introduced to Danielle Gonzales as well (did I recall the spelling of her name accurately?). 

To be at the office gives one a better sense of knowing about those who join together in common cause about the governing of our land, and we so appreciate your giving the hour of your time to increase our knowledge in that regard.  We are blessed and favored to have you as the representative for outreach in our part of the District and we do appreciate your frequent appearance at our Wise County Republican meetings.  You might make note that in 2007, we are changing meeting dates to be the second Monday evenings (7:00 PM) monthly. 

Please know that there are many constituents in Wise County who appreciate Congresswoman Granger and do cast votes for her.  She enjoyed a 73.2% plurality in the most recent General Election, versus the 66.9% cast for her District-wide.  We are small in number, but great in spirit.  It will be our goal to surpass Parker County's 75.9% plurality when there is the next General Election!

Just for amusement, you might enjoy reading about the convoluted relationship in the passing of one of our family members this week.  Click on "We mourn for him."

We pray for an excellent year of good work and results from your efforts in 2007 and for those of Congresswoman Granger.  We are proud and pleased to stand with such a great team working for superior representation in the United States House of Representatives and for District #12!

Your friend in common cause,

D. A. Sharpe, County Chairman
Wise County Republican Party