The Towering Giants of Rushmore



The Mount Rushmore National Memorial in South Dakota is an awesome sight to behold.  Four of our most prominent United States Presidents are sculptured into the mountain side in a marvelous artisan accomplishment that took 14 years to complete, each of the majestic heads of the Presidents being about 60 feet high. 


The four presidents are (and what they represent):  George Washington, representing our nations struggle for independence; Thomas Jefferson, representing our accomplishments in forging a working representative government; Abraham Lincoln, representing our nations assertion that all citizens are free and equal and representing a union among the states, instead of a loose federation of states; and Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt, representing our nations turning to give global leadership as of the 20th century.  


It is a very great honor for our family to have distant relationship to all four of these heroic Presidents.  Washington and Roosevelt are from my FatherŐs lineage.  Jefferson and Lincoln are from my MotherŐs lineage.


Here are the genealogical chart descriptions of these Presidents' relationships to me. Clicking on the link of their names will take you to a specific genealogical chart showing the mutual connection. 


George Washington is my 26th cousin, seven times removed.  Thomas Jefferson is my 28th cousin, five times removed.  Abraham Lincoln is my 30th cousin, three times removed. Theogore (Teddy) Roosevelt is the fifth cousin to Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who is my half eighth cousin.  So, it can be said that Mount Rushmore is all in the family.  A national portrait we can all enjoy.












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