Ephraim Merrill Daggett Chapter #36

Of the Sons of the Republic of Texas

Minutes of June 2, 2016

(First Draft, subject to review, correction & adoption at the stated meeting of August 4, 2018)


The meeting was called to order at 9:00 AM by the president, John Williams, followed by the invocation by Chaplain Roger Tate. The meeting was at the regular location of the Woodhaven Country Club, Fort Worth, Texas.


Pledges of allegiance to the Flag of the USA and of Texas were then performed by all present.


There being no deceased members, it was then decided to let the guests be introduced with the Ancestor Roll Call by their husbands. Always glad to have Suzanne Sharpe and to welcome Sharon Gieger. There were 13 Chapter members in attendance, for a total of 15 people present today.  The attendance roster is attached to the Minutes.

The Ancestral Roll Call was the next order of business, which always brings interesting facts and questions to the group, as we honor those who helped with the birth of our great state, TEXAS!

Our program keynote speaker was introduced by Chapter Program Chairman Dexter Gatlin, although Honorary Member Jack Edmondson needs no introduction, as we all know and are honored to have him in our chapter.



Jack gave a very informative and in-depth presentation on the history of the bowie knife. He was so generous as to give everyone a copy of his booklet, “Mr. Bowie, With A Knife - A History of the Sandbar Fight.” Jack brought his knife collection to display for the lecture, and for all to handle, to get a feeling for the balance and weight of the knives. There is much controversy as to the true style of the knife, and the whereabouts of the original knife used by Mr. Bowie for his defense at the famous Sandbar Fight, the earliest known use of it by Mr. Bowie. Mr. Edmondson spoke with authority and a sharpened edge!


The President’s report made mention of Mr. H. H. Holmes, described at the DRT Independence luncheon, March 3rd. Holmes’ murder castle history is quite interesting.


The Chapter Minutes of April 7, 2018 were approved as written and distributed in advance to the Chapter members.


The Treasurer’s report was accepted as the balance was similar at March 31, 2018:  $4,954.73 to May 31 $4,825.73. We spent $1,198.50 for tumblers and received $435.00 in sales. 

There being no Old Business, the only New Business was to ask for the answer to the question of the middle name of Ephraim M. Daggett. This was answered by D.A. Sharpe as “Merrill” so his breakfast was paid for today.



Our next meeting August 4, 2018 will have a speaker scheduled by Program Chairman Dexter Gatlin.  He is a military man with an interest past to relate. 




Adjournment was followed by the Benediction by Chaplain Roger Tate.



Chapter members gathered to browses the table of knives, and to hoist a blade, and to avoid trying to see how sharp was the edge of a knife. Fortunately, no blood was drawn! It was all in vein!


Respectfully submitted in the absence of Secretary, Jay Arrington.



Christopher HatDoc Hull