The Family, History & Politics of Dwight Albert Sharpe

An Autobiography by
Dwight Albert (D. A.) Sharpe



Recent Update:  March 23, 2017


Copyrighted March 2017



A forward is to be written by someone other than myself, to give credibility to the autobiography and to me as its author. It also in intended to provide interest for people who will want to read the autobiography. Such foreword writer would need to have access to the completed manuscript before venturing his or her commendation.

D. A. Sharpe, Autobiographer





This autobiography is written, primarily, for the benefit of my children, grandchildren and other descendants who follow. Further, it will hopefully benefit history or genealogical researchers who enjoy finding works that connect various aspects of history and family together.

Firstly, the foremost important, lasting and significant human influence in my life has been the marriage to my lovely bride, Suzanne Margaret Boggess Sharpe, my partner in life since our meeting and marriage in 1962!  She, in many respects, has shaped & enabled me to be the man that I am, for which I sing her eternal praises!

Not only have we been marriage partners and genuine personal friends, but also, we have grown together spiritually over the years in ways that have brought the utmost of wholesomeness in our lives, as we have understood God’s Providence in how He intended us to pursue life.

Suzanne has been the most wonderful wife and mother that I ever could have imagined in the best of God’s Providence.
This is a 1962 photo, the year of our marriage. Isn’t she beautiful?  And still is!

Before embarking on this journey, I realized that I possess virtually nothing written by my parents, close relatives, or my ancestors in general. This startling revelation influenced me to pursue production of this work. Most all of what I know are the recollections of conversations and experiences witnessed in my family. Fortunately, some photographs survive and are used in this autobiography. As time advances, some of the recollections fade in memory. It seemed there is a place for the written expression of what has been my privilege to discover in genealogical researching since 1978 and the experiences it has been my honor to live.

In writing, I desire that other people who have crossed paths with my life and have made my life such a pleasing and blessed experience will identify with many of those factors. Certainly, I would find great satisfaction if this writing motivated our grandchildren to seek avenues of living outside of merely themselves - - into spiritual lives, into community and public governance involvements, and into knowing from where their heritages sprung.

This writing intends not to highlight me as the star but rather those people who have intersected with the paths of my life - - people who are important, publicly-known, and accomplished as achievers. In general, I have received blessing, privilege, and benefit from such associations.

Creation of this autobiography serves another reason:  educational purposes. I sincerely hope it will be an example of a modern approach to publishing a book. Being published on a website allows the embedding of hyperlinks to other sources. For example, to mention the name of an institution, a hyperlink can be imbedded to that institution’s website for more detailed information. Another example is telling about my surname’s descending from the 1600s. The autobiography can give a reader a two- or three-page summary of that family line, but a hyperlink can go to an online posted detailed family genealogy of a dozen generations with all the details known about it, totaling about 125 pages!  The reader can choose to look at the long report or not.

Also, when mention is made about a distant relationship to a famous person, like Winston Church, being my 8th cousin, four times removed from the husband of my 4th great granddaughter of my 7th great grandfather, a hyperlink clicking on the person’s name can take one to a chart that shows those connections.

This autobiography is to be freely available to read onscreen or by downloading from the personal website:



If the information is downloaded and redistributed, please acknowledge its origin from this composition.

A few hard copies perhaps will be produced for personal donation to libraries which may have an interest in the subjects of this composition.

Having begun collecting genealogical information in 1978, over the years, I have compiled a family database that contains entries of a little over 9,000 relatives!  Their existence contains a plethora of wonderful information and stories.


The arrangement of this autobiography will begin with several chapters covering various segments of my life. These chapters will tell about where my family lived and generally activities that we experienced. They will describe the individuals as they mixed into the Sharpe family life and things that evolved with them as they grew and matured.

You may notice that the online text displays numerous hyperlinks, which can take the reader to more detailed online explanations. For example, the autobiography text may describe one family line from the 1600s in four or five pages. A link in that text could take the reader to a far more detailed 151-page genealogical report, such as this one for my Sharpe family line.

Next will arise some chapters citing special categories of my life experiences. Therein, my spiritual experiences and commitments will be described in two aspects. One will be the spiritual experiences I had, both inside churches and in other arenas. The other part will describe the various churches and church structures in which my life was involved.

My political endeavors and events in life will be specified. Those sections will cover the numerous political activities and roles served over the course of time in two different states and in three different counties covering more than 40 years. Further, it includes the several US Presidential Inaugurations we have attended.

Let me say from the offset that I realize professional genealogists generally question the validity of researched records about people earlier than the 1600s. Some lines of royalty or of rulers may have more legitimacy, as information about such people presented more likelihood of data being recorded and preserved.

However, in my narratives, I will relate information I have discovered written somewhere, and often I am unable to prove the authenticity. However, those bits of information are interesting to me, so such is shared with you.

Why do I do history & genealogy, and How did I do it?

You will learn how there are cousin relationships with 20 of our 45 U.S. Presidents, including all four of them depicted on Mount Rushmore. You will discover how cousin relationships exist with English monarchy for all but 85 years over the past 1,500+ years. In fact, I have explained a family connection between what I consider the world’s two most importance documents of governance:  The Magna Carta and the Mayflower Compact.

I have striven to learn as much as I can research about the Christian heritage and experiences of my ancestors. In 591, King Ceawlin, a pagan king in a part of England, received Christian Baptism. As such, he is the earliest member of our ancestry of whom we learned claimed Christianity.

Some writing will be about newspaper or magazine articles of mine that have been published. One of the newspaper articles published in our local Wise County Messenger in 2014 encouraged people to write brief stories of their life to preserve and to hand down to their children, grandchildren and friends.

Words are important, and should be kept in perspective!

That article led to the creation of a subscription list to which quarterly stories in my life would be circulated to subscribers each year as samples and illustrations of storytelling about lives so that they would be encouraged to write about themselves. All those dozen+ stories written so far will be included in this autobiography.

These stories include crossing paths with such people as Corrie Ten Boom, Chuck Colson, Billy Graham, and some US Congressional members. Looking back in history, they include Sir Thomas Abney (of my mother’s lineage) who was Mayor of London circa 1700 and his connection with Great Britain’s Father of Hymnody, truly an outstanding Christian musician.

The autobiography basically has the story that can be read onscreen in a PDF format. The Word document with all the hyperlinks must be downloaded to make use of the hyperlinks. However, those links provide multitude of additional documentation and information to supplement to basic autobiography. Here is a link to a chart that shows how many Basic pages there are, how many photographs there are and how many additional pages are available through hyperlinks.


I hope and trust that the readers of this work will find enjoyment, interest, and even some humor!

D. A. Sharpe
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