Call the Right Number


Proverbs 10:7: The memory of the righteous is a blessing (ESV)


Our son-in-law and daughter, Steve and Tiffany Westmoreland, have given issue to five grandchildren for Suzanne and me, representing some of many blessed joys in our lives.  Raising a family of this size presents a plethora of opportunities to design a life learning about love, discipline and spiritual understandings for these children.  Steve and Tiffany have done marvelously in these regards!




Living on a 30-acre home in the rural area where we also reside affords some agriculturally-oriented projects to use in training children about tasks and responsibilities.  One of their experiences was to raise milk goats for a few short years.  It was a small herd of a dozen or so goats, and they produced good-tasting milk.  It was sufficient quantity to share some with Suzanne and me, as well as to see some to neighbors and friends.



As Tiffany tells it, “When we were new to the dairy goat business, we had a hard time reconciling the burning/cutting off kids’ horns and ‘wethering’ of the boys who would never become bucks.  The very first time we needed to have a boy ‘wethered,’ we paid for the veterinarian to do it surgically with anesthesia.  Well, that was very nice for the kid, and very expensive for us.  When it came time to do that for TEN boys, it was a different story.  But I was not yet at the point of doing it myself right on the farm.  So, I decided to call the vet to ask what the charge would be to have these services done at the vet without anesthesia.  It would still be a step up from me doing it on the farm.”


One spring, the mother goats produced ten new baby goats, known as kids.  The time drew near for Tiffany to arrange an appointment at the near-by Boyd Veterinarian Hospital for routine shots and general health examination.  Unfortunately, there also was in that town the Boyd Medical Center to which their family had gone for their family and children’s health care needs. 


Tiffany tells it this way: 


“Our vet is in Boyd, Texas at the local animal hospital.  When I typed in ‘Boyd’ to my telephone, the local hospital came up and I pressed ‘call.’ Someone answered, and I inquired about having my male kids castrated without anesthesia.  As it happens, the number I rang was the hospital for HUMANS, not the veterinarian. 


It took the attendant and me a moment and then a huge laugh to realize I meant to call the ANIMAL Hospital.  With great shame and still laughing, I ended our conversation with fond farewells.”






“But, that’s not where the confusion ended.  Listen to Tiffany’s rendition of the next steps: “I next called the ANIMAL hospital, and made the proper arrangements for wethering my kids.  Right after I hung up, I realized I forgot to inquire about having their horns cut off, too.  So, I called right back. 


“You got it.  To the HUMAN hospital.  The same attendant received my request for burning horns off my kids without anesthesia.  By now, this poor person is about to call CPS, except that he totally knows it is the same crazy woman who thinks she has called the ANIMAL hospital.  Oh my!  I shall NEVER enter the Boyd Hospital for Humans for any reason.  But boy did I provide some humor for some unfortunate telephone attendant!”



So, be careful the phone numbers you use!


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