A Suggested Plan for a Millennial Young Women to Become Involved

In Political Circles in Tarrant County





For your interest in how to become involved in political circles in Tarrant County, perhaps this can help.  LetÕs start a process here for preparing you to become plugged into political circles in the Fort Worth area, etc.  


IÕve prepared a preliminary list of contacts to show you for consideration.  My proposal will be for me to generate a communication (e-mail or written letter or personal contact) to a political contact, describing something of you and your interests, and paving the way for them to look forward to your contacting of them to gain some advice, direction and further connection for you.  These are for making Republican contacts, so they fill that criteria.  


Here are my suggested contacts with whom IÕm acquainted.  IÕve put links on their names for more information:


Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price.  


Fort Worth City Council Member (District #7) Dennis Singleton.  He serves from time to time as Mayor Pro-Tem.


Congresswoman Kay Granger   Though she may visit briefly with you, more time-oriented connections can be made for you with Kristin Vanderfreff, KayÕs Fort Worth Congressional Office Director.  Also KayÕs Outreach Director, Nick Stanley.  HeÕs a young newly married Millennial whoÕs only age 33, so he should relate to your interests.  I visited just last week with Kay and Kristin at the USS Fort Worth Women in Leadership event.  Nick had an appointment in our home in Wise County recently about setting up a time for Kay to meet and greet people from our area.


At the same USS Fort Worth event, I visited as well as with Betsy and Dennis.  Dennis has met my 16-year old grandson, and said I could bring him sometime to his office for some political orientation, etc.  IÕm confident he would do the same for you.


Mattie Parker is another young married Millennial in the Fort Worth area.  She is a lawyer and has worked on the staffs of former Texas Speaker of the House Tom Craddick  for Legislator Phil King (over in Parker & Wise County), for Kay Granger and on the Fort Worth City Hall staff.  SheÕs a real up and coming woman from whom you should get good advice. Phil KingÕs wife, Terry, is my 7th cousin, descended from Plymouth Colony Governor William Bradford, our 7th great grandfather!  ThatÕs part of the politics in our blood!


Recently, I visit with Sharon Dale, former President of the Fort Worth Federation of Republican Women   She would be delighted to get you plugged into circles.  They have a group of young woman developing and joining their organization.  They meet over lunch time once a month, but to accommodate the Millennieals, they also are having a Saturday morning group.  If you decide to contact her through me, she can be prepared to give you a name or names of the local group whom you could contact soon.  


Texas Second Court of Appeals Chief Justice Terrie Livingston is a friend of mine, and contact could be made with her for some advice, I feel  confident.  Also on that Second Court of Appeals is another friend of mine, Judge Elizabeth Kerr   This past year, she won that contested seat, filling the vacancy created by the retirement of Judge Anne Gardner  another friend of mine.  


Another connection that would be good to make is the leadership of the Tarrant County Republican Party.  The Chairman is Mr. Tim OÕHare.  He and I have not met, but IÕm confident heÕd welcome your contact.  His Party e-mail address is info@tcgop.org, 817-595-0303.


So, these are the suggestions.  I could try to connect you with all of them, but you may prefer to limit it yourself.  You tell me whom youÕd like to meet.  


Before any contacts are made by me with these people about you, it would be best for you to provide for me information about you that could be shared with them as I contact them.  You should create a biographical sketch of yourself.  HereÕs a guide to doing that


You should have some basic knowledge about the political systems of all levels.  In taking occasion to teach my 15-year old granddaughter about political officials to whom weÕd introduced her, answering her questions about how they relate to us and how government works, I developed a custom-made course for her.  It can be helpful to you, even though itÕs oriented to our people in Wise County, etc.  Here it is.  


As you get into the process of political advocacy, you need to be accomplished in expressing yourself, both in speaking and in writing.  Here is a document I developed for political candidates I was mentoring in Wise County when I was elected Chairman of the Wise County Republican Party (2000-2008).  ItÕs called Speaking & Writing Tips


Another thing youÕll want to do.  You e-mail address can say something about you.  Acquiring your own domain is an item of value, rather than the standard Yahoo, gmail, aol addresses, etc.  Also, many peopleÕs e-mail addresses are associated with where their employment is, which can change, if you are moving up in life.  So always having an e-mail address identified as YOU reflects a degree is discretion and integrity.  You should have the address of with a domain name like your name.


So, mull over these things.  Then get back with me about what youÕd like me to arrange for you.  At that time, I will provide the contact information you will need for the people whom you choose to solicit.





D. A.


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