Texas Admirals explained:


By the way, I do not want you misled.  Being an Admiral in the Texas Navy (as I am) is an honorary status, commissioned by the Governor, usually upon recommendation by a State Representative or Senator.  It's purpose is to propagate knowledge about the Texas Navy which played a role in the Revolution of Texans from Mexico, that resulted in the Republic of Texas being formed as a sovereign nation 1836-1946.  


Not all people so honored go any further than the commissioning.  However, all who are commissioned are welcomed to join the Texas Navy Association, which does have an organized program of education and socialization.  There is a movement to start some sub-groups of the TNA.  The first and, so far, only one is the Admiral Chester W. Nimitz Squadron of the Texas Navy, which essentially composed of TNA Admirals residing in North Texas.  These are the people who were primarily involved in the USS Fort Worth events.  


Back in my military age days, I made active efforts to join the Navy to become a fighter pilot.  I even passed the entrance test for academic qualification for the flight school.   However, their discovery that I'd been treated by a physician for asthma at age 12 resulted in my 4F classification and denial of any military service opportunity.  So, I have a love and admiration for the military, but my only military experience is my high school ROTC time over at Woodrow Wilson High School over in Dallas, class of 1957!


I hope this does not lower me in your esteem, but I did want you to know the situation.  By the way, all of the members of the TNA are Admirals.  I guess you could call it a pier group or is it a peer group?  Ha Ha.


D. A. Sharpe