White House Press Corps Journalist Icon Helen Thomas


Wednesday evening, February 9, 2011, the National Press Club Foundation's Annual Congressional Dinner honored  the most senior member of that professional group, the 92 year old former First Lady of the White House Press Corps, Helen Thomas. Yes, Helen and we are friends, even though we readily admit to our political differences. She was ill, so could not attend last evening after all. We all missed her, but we were with several of her family members and other friends, such as Jan Donaldson (Mrs. Sam).


















Today, July 24, 2011, we visited Helen in her home. While there, she permitted me to photograph a special picture she'd been given with her seated at a piano keyboard, playing supposedly to a keyed up audience. The audience is the 10 Presidents whom Helen has covered in the news .... everyone since JFK. Here's the photo of characters. Can you name them all?