The Trump International Hotel

The Former Washington DC Post Office

Description by D. A. Sharpe


A foreshadowing of President Donald John TrumpÕs affect in a positive mode for Washington DC can be seen in the preservation project initiated in 2012, years before probably anyone had any inkling of his Presidential election.


The Old Post Office, originally opened in 1899, was deteriorating and slated for demolition by the United States General Services Administration, its owner and manager on behalf of the Government. It is the second tallest building in DC.    Preservationists in DC were successful in halting the demolition. 


Public invitations for investors to offer renovation plans were invited, with originally up to 80 submissions of interest.  Final bidding came down to 10 investors.  The winning bid was from Donald J. Trump, expecting to convert the iconic building into the Trump Hotel International.  Such project was expressed as a 60-year lease from the U.S. Government, with up to two 20-year extensions possible.


The in 2012, the intention of the Trump organization was to complete the renovation and open the hotel for business in the fall of 2016!  The HotelÕs location on Pennsylvania is the main street of DC, close to the White House.  The parade following the January 20, 2017 Inauguration of a U.S. President, from the Capitol to the White House, goes in front of the Trump Hotel.  Little did anyone know that Mr. Trump would be the President in that first parade.

ItÕs interesting to realize that Mr. Trump owns several hotels, but two of them are in places significant to the government of our United States.  He owns a hotel in New York City, the location of where George Washington was sworn as the first President, and a hotel in Washington, D.C. where our current capital is located!  Most people donÕt realize it, but the U.S. has had nine capitals! 


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