For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given; and the government shall be upon his shoulders; and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, The Mighty God, The Everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.

[Isaiah 9:6)



We celebrate with you the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ some 2,000 years ago, and anticipate his soon return!


The very best Merry Christmas to you, your family, friends and loved ones.



D. A. & Suzanne Sharpe

805 Derting Road East

Aurora, TX 76078-3712

Her:  817-504-6408

His:  817-504-6508    


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Merry Christmas


We send Christmas greetings to all of you.  We invite you to join with us in the celebration of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, the reason for the season!  God has blessed us in this, our 50th year of marriage.


Tiffany, Steve and our five Westmoreland grandchildren (Kate, Jack, Lily, Sarah & Sam) live three miles from us, which we appreciate. Suzanne is helping with their home schooling. Steve is a pilot for American Airlines, flying the big birds mostly to South America, Europe and the Pacific. My work continues with Taylor Made Services, the relational database software development company our son Taylor owns. We spend most Thursday evenings and Fridays at his office in his Dallas home. His full time employment is on the staff of the U.S Evnironmental Protection Agency, Regional Office in Dallas.


 Our Christian life centers around, Eagle Mountain International Church, Newark, TX., just north of Fort Worth. It is about 6 miles from our home.  We both are prayer leaders there and do other volunteer activities and participate in life groups, etc. 


In January, we were invited to a Conference in San Antonio, Texas by the Christians United for Israel organization, of which we are contributing members. We've attend their annual Washington DC Conferences since 2007. It was a gathering for a preview of this year's July Conference among the leadership of CUFI and people that'd honored to develop, such as Suzanne and me. It is an advocacy group to encourage members of Confress to treat the nation of Israel well in our diplomatic and foreign assistance relations.


In March, we went on our first trip to Israel, celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary..  For those of you able to view Facebook, you can click here to see some photos.   We were treated to occasions apart from the usual tourist venue.  Our group was addressed on separate occasions by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu; by Deputy Prime Minister General Moshe Yaalon; Minister of Energy & Water, Uzi Landau and a couple of occasions of high ranking military officials addressing us.  It was an inspiring trip and we would welcome the opportunitiy to repeat its experience.


We travelled to Albuquerque New Mexico in May for the high school graduation of our great niece, Lindley Gallegos! She is a granddaughter of Dr. Tom & Lindley Boggess, the brother of Suzanne. Her parens are Andres and Frances, and her sisters are Rachel and Adela.  Later we went down to Tom & Lindley's cabin in Oak Creek Canyon (northern Arizona). We were joined there by Tom & Lindley's son, Tommy, his wife, Jonette, who came to dine with us, along with their children, Shelton, Bennett, Davis and Katie. Then we went down't to Tom and Lindley's home at Camp Verde, Arizona to visit Tom and Lindley. 


Gabriel Matthew Reeves, our third great, great nephew, was born May 12.  His parents are Matthew and Elizabeth (Libby) Reeves of Round Rock, Texas.  It is exciting to me, a fifth generation Texan and a direct descendant of a Republic of Texas citizen, to see these four, a niece and three nephews to appear here as eighth generation Texans!  That means that every one of them have been born on Texas soil!  Matthew is a son of our niece and her husband, Nancy & Kevin Reeves.  Nancy is a daughter of my deceased sister, Martha Sharpe Ehlers.


In June, Suzanne and I again were Delegates to the Texas State Republican Convention.  We have served such role for every such Texas Convention (meets even numbered years) every time since 1988, except for 1990 when we were on a trip in Europe.  Here are some photos for this convention.


June 16, we visited the Texas Motor Speedway, just 14 miles from our home.  Carrie, wife of our son, Todd, was treating Todd to a ride around the race track, and much of her family relatives were with us.  Impromptuly, Todd & Carrie insisted that my birthday present (June 24) should be a ride around for me!  So, I did the ride around, at speeds of up to 160 mph!  Here is the video of the ride, shot from where I sat. Now, I am a NASCAR race participant!


Later in June, Todd and Carrie, together with their children, Luke and Brooke, moved to Montana! All of their married life had been near Austin, Texas where Todd has been employed at Applied Materials in the computer industry. His company promoted him to a management position, and we are so proud of him. We look forward to northerly visites in the future, but we may avoid driving in the winter months.


In early July, we served as volunteers at the 30th annual Southwest Believers Convention in nearby Fort Worth, Texas, an event sponsored by the Kenneth Copeland Ministries.  Our church, Eagle Mountain International Church, provides a lot of its volunteers.  It is a conference where about 10,000 people attend and about 20,000 watch on live internet streaming. 


In July, we attended the seventh annual Christians United for Israel Washington DC Summit.  It is a advocacy group for Israel. We have been to all but the 2006 one.  In it, we are addressed by a number of United States and Israel government officials and observers about US/Israeli developments.  We also visit as many House of Representatives and US Senators with whom we can get appointments to advocate favorable US treatment of the nation of Israel.  Appointments were landed with 88% of the members of Congress!  This conference has about 5,000 attending each summer.


Besides the CUFI Conference we toured Washington DC several days.  Here is Day 1 and here is Day 2.  We were guests in DC at the home of our family friends, Bill & Michelle Cohen and children, Madeline, Noelle and Olivia.


In August, it was my honor to be an Alternate Delegate to the National Republican Convention.  My selection was as an elected delegate at the Texas State Republican Convention in the U.S. Congressional 12th District Caucus.  Here are photographs from Day 1; Day 2; Day 3; Day 4; Day 5; and Day 6.


Our fourth great, great nephew, Boone Samuel Robertson, was born September 4, 2012 to Jeff & Emily Robertson!  They live up in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  Moved up there in the past year for the job [Jeff is an engineer], which is with a major construction company.   Boone was born on the 111th birthday of his great, great grandfather, the Rev. Dwight Alfred Sharpe


September 22, we spent the weekend in Galveston, Texas participating in the festivities surrounding the Commissioning of the newest fighting vessel of the U.S. Navy, the USS Fort Worth, name sake for the metro city nearest where we live.  Kay Granger, our US Congressional Representative and former Mayor of Fort Worth had a lot to do with getting the ship named for Fort Worth.  There were about 1,000 people at the Black Tie & Boots formal banquet, which we attended the evening before the Commissioning.  After the Commissioning, we were hosted at a Squadron Diner for Texas Navy Admirals at the nearby Lakeside Yacht Club. In Galveston, we were guests in the beach home of our friends, Dradon and Cindy Prator, and their children Mattie, Miles and Mae.


In October, we greatly expanded and enhanced our carport to become a 1,500 square foot veranda, combination party barn!  Here is the progress report in pictures!  Come have a cook out with us sometime! 


Later in October, we attended the Autumn Assembly Prayer Confernece in Branson, Missouri, a conference of about 3,000, sponsored by the Billye Brim Ministries.


Our first great, great niece, Molly Mae Jumper, was born November 13 to Benjamin & Kelley Jumper in Denton Texas.  They married December 10, 2010, where most our family came to celebrate.


We are privileged to participate in a number of community and social occasions.  One of the interesting ones is the English Speaking Union of Dallas, TX.  Our son, Taylor, is a member and takes us as guests.  Here is our December Christmas Social Occasion.  


Early in December, we attended the "Messiah Sing" at the Fort Worth Broadway Baptist Church.  They were conducting their 33rd annual presentation of the "Messiah," by Handle, complete with orchestra and a very large and professional sounding chorale group. What is unique at this church is that they have about 1,500 scores of the music to pass out to audience people to enable them to sing along with the choir!  It is really fun and sounds very good!  This year was our third time to attend and sing. 


On December 9, we had a special surprise Christmas Party Dinner for our Senior Pastor Terri Copeland Pearsons and her husband (also our Senior Pastor), George.  She gives pastoral leadership to the Prayer Leaders Ministry of which we are a part. 


Suzanne continues her fairly new hobby as a bee keeper. We have two hives in the woods behind our home. Last year, she attended a professional class to learn how to work with bees. Quite an experience. D. A. continues in the political area. Here is a biographical sketch that reflects current activity, as well as past experiences.


Chrismas day, we will be with our families here in the area.


We will spend New Years Evening in the traditional service at Eagle Mountain International Church where we have been about the last decade.  It is a great way to thank God for His blessings, and to set our sights and vision on what is to be in the coming year.



D. A. & Suzanne