Famous Americans Related to our Family


Assembled by D. A. Sharpe



Various names in American History crop up in our memories of people who’ve had some fame or influence in one aspect or another.  The purpose of this page is to cite some people who were related to our family, in a genealogical sense.


We do have 17 U.S. Presidents and seven Vice Presidents related to our family, but they are cited on the Presidential Chart


Most of these non-Presidential ancestors are positive, but not all are without fault or even negative image.  It brings a sense of appreciation about our family heritage to realize the presence of family members who’ve accomplished degrees of fame.   They each do have a degree of fame, and the stories about such fame is shared here with you, hoping you’ll enjoy browsing these people.  There is no significance assumed to the order in which they are listed.


1.           Benedict Arnold

2.           First Treasurer of Harvard, Herbert Pelham

3.           Thomas Edison

4.           George Eastman

5.           John Davison Rockefeller, Sr.

6.           John Davison Rockefeller, Jr.

7.           David Rockefeller

8.           Winthrop Rockefeller

9.           Jay Rockefeller

10.      Winthrop Williams Aldrich

11.      John Pierpont (J. P.) Morgan

12.      Frank Billings Kellogg - U.S. Secretary of State - Nobel Prize Winner

13.      Johnny Benjamin Kellogg II (died in the Alamo)

14.      Nicholas Philip Trist (U.S. Diplomat - negotiated California)

15.      Noah Webster Famous Dictionary creator 

16.  Will Keith Kellogg (Cereal fame)

17. LT. George P Sharp, American Revolutionary Soldier

18. Willis Sharpe Kilmer, Owned 1918 Kentucky Derby Winner

19. Alfred Lansing Sharpe, 1st elected Republican Texas Legislator

20. Governor Winthrop Aldrich Rockefeller

20. Governor William Bradford (Mayflower - Plymouth Colony)

21. Abigail Smith Adams, wife of President John Adams

22. Clinton Eastwood, Film Actor/Director

23. Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederacy

24. Robert E. Lee, Confederate General

25. General George B McClellan (Civil War)










Compiled by:

Dwight Albert (D. A.) Sharpe

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