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Finding out who D. A. Sharpe is

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"Your prosperity is on the other side of your obedience." (to Jesus Christ)

"Pride will set you up for a fall, Humility will set you up for honor."

Quotations by my Pastor George D. Pearsons, May 2017, BVOVN



In 2017 Work is being done on an Autobiography


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Famous Americans Related to Our Family


How is our nation's government structured?

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                                      Folder and open a document "Govern.docx"

An HTML Version of the Governance Paper


Here is the Government document in a PDF

(hyperlinks do not operate in PDF, but you

can read basic text & see photos.)


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Suzanne Sharpe Home Page

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Links to Driving Directions to come to the Ranch


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How to Write a Book


What's the Difference Between Halloween and All Saints' Day?

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Taylor Sharpe's Software Development

Business Page (he's my son)



Proverbs 10:7: The memory of the righteous is a blessing (ESV)


Texas Trivia Tidits

Why is Texas so great?  Click Here!



Program Documents

What is a Texas Navy Admiral?


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Compare the Ages of Biblical Patriarchs


What Does the Biblical Term "1,000 Generations" mean?


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2012 Trip to Israel



Some Fun Links:

Putting God in the Center of Things

An Explanation of God

Rebekah is like the Church

What is a Southern Girl and GRITS?

Is the Peace Symbol Anti-Christian?


Sharpe Ranch House,
805 Derting Road East
Aurora, Wise County, Texas, 76078-3712


Here is an Interactive Aerial Map of where the Ranch House is located.


101 Scripture Verses for Healing PDF

English King James II

English King James I (Report)

D. A. Sharpe's Selective Service Assignment

Eagle Mountain International Church Material EMIC


D. A.

Dwight Albert Sharpe
805 Derting Road East
Aurora, TX 76078-3712

C: 817-504-6508  (can record messages)










































































































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