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Update July 11, 2017

This is a long page, through which you are encouraged to scroll to see a big variety of genealogy, both for our family and for items of historical importance and significance. 

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Dwight Albert Sharpe, known as D. A., is happy to post this genealogical information for the good and benefit of others who may find such information useful in their research and for their interest.  It is free to copy and citation of this as a source would be appreciated. 

          Dialog about the background for these genealogical writings


Stories below are groups by families and allied families. 

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Stories for the Immediate Sharpe Families:   


A Summary Description of the Sharpe Family Line (HTML Format)

A Summary Description of the Sharpe Family Line (PDF Format)

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President William Howard Taft & Chief Justice Taft (only person ever to serve both offices)



George Eastman HTML Format

George Eastman PDF Format





The Earliest Christian Known Among My Relatives

Our Relationship to Smth Wigglesworth (Chart)


William the Conqueror


English King George V


My Commission as an Admiral in the Texas Navy


Winthrope William Aldrich HTML

Winthrope William Aldrich PDF

Stories for the Kellogg Family       



 William the Conqueror to Sam Westmoreland



 Stories for the Boggess Family & papers



Including Noxubee County

Mississippi Materials



Mr. Thomas Shelton (T. S.) Boggess, Jr. was today's patriarch of the Boggess family close to us.  He graduated to heaven January 29, 2010, having been born in 1912, the year the Titanic sailed and sank.  Read some interesting things about Mr. T. S., the Gentleman Farmer of Noxubee County, Mississippi:

T. S. Boggess, Jr. LINK

His Obituary


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    Bio Sketches of Early Noxubee County, Mississippi Settlers


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    Stories for the Westmoreland Family:


      Tiffany Lenn Sharpe WESTMORELAND took this 2015 Thanksgiving Dinner photo of her family. Head of the table (blue shirt)

is her husband, Steve, on to the right, Suzanne Sharpe, Sarah Westmoreland, Katherine Westmoreland & Lily Westmoreland.

To the left, D. A. Sharpe, Taylor Sharpe (Tiffany's father & brother), Jack & Sam Westmoreland. Below here is Tiffany Westmoreland.




Here is a 13 page PDF format genealogical report of descendants of William Westmoreland,

born in 1829, covering five generations down to our grandchildren.


William Westmoreland Descendants Report (5 generations)



Here is an ancestors genealogical report from my son-in-law, Steve O. Westmoreland.

It covers 68 generations back to Godwulf, who lived about 80 to 125 AD. It's a 71 Page PDF report.

This report includes King Edward the Confessor, who lived 1002 to 1066. When King Edward

died, his thrown was conquered by William the Conqueror, who is in the report below.


Steve Westmoreland Ancestor Report back to Godwulf





This is a 289 page PDF report of Descendants from English King William I (William the Conqueror)

down to the Westmoreland children of Steve & Tiffany Westmoreland.

William the Conqueror down to Westmoreland Children

This is an ancestor report from Sam Westmoreland, back for 68 generations to Godwulf (80 to 125 AD)

It catches both family lines up through Sam's father and Sam's mother. It's a 207 page report in PDF format.


Sam Westmoreland Ancestor Report





This Chart shows English King Edward I to be the 23rd great grandfather of Betty Covington Westmoreland,

making her son, Steve, the 24th great grandson


King Edward I to Betty Covington Westmoreland




This Chart Shows English King Edward I being related to Tiffany Sharpe Westmoreland as the

11th great grandfather of the 8th great grandmother (Alice Carpenter) of Tiffany.


English King Edward I related to Tiffany Sharpe Westmoreland



This Chart Shows English William the Conqueror (William I) descending

down to John David (Jack) Westmoreland.


William the Conqueror down to Jack Westmoreland


Katherine Westmorelands Senior Year Thesis, The Importance of Taking A Gap Year






      Stories for the Jumper Family:

Jumper Family Report From the mid 1700's

down 11 Generations: This is a 58 page PDF format report





     Stories for the Abney Families


The Whole Abney Descendants Report This is a 469 page PDF format report

that begins with Gor Thorrasson, the earliest family member in

our Abney line. He was born about 600 AD. He is my 38th great

grandfather. The report covers 47 generations.


Here's the same report in HTML format: Whole Abney Report






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    Papers of Historical Interest

        Plymouth Colony interests


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        General Interests for genealogy and history:     

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            Miscellaneous Direct Line Charts




San Jacinto Day address at the James Butler Bonham Chapter of the

Daughters of the Republic of Texas on April 14, 2017

Theory of Relativity




This is the Women in Leadership event April 20, 2017 of

the USS Fort Worth Steering Committee


Women in Leadership


Wise County Messenger April 18, 2017