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Last Updated: May 6, 2017


The Wise County Republican web page is at

My Political News Items & Newsletters:


                       D. A Sharpe, Director of Communications and    
                  Former Wise County Republican Chairman August 2000 - January 2008


Former Service: Texas State Board of Examiners of Dietitians

Governor Rick Perry made appointment on May 15, 2008 and his term runs until September 1, 2014.
The appointment was approved by the Texas Senate in the 2009 Session. It concluded at the end of 2015.

My great uncle, Alfred Lansing Sharpe, was the first Republican elected to state-levl office following the Post Civil Way days of Reconstruction




Speaking & Writing Tips (Full Version)

Speaking & Writing Tips (Outline Version)



You should know about Presidential Inauguration Addresses!


National Pi Day



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       Our Congressional Representative, Kay Granger, former
     Mayor Fort Worth (first female mayor of Fort Worth)


Suzanne (L) and D. A. Sharpe (R) with Representative Granger at the Decatur Civic Center 2010


Kay Granger's Annual Social at Joe T. Garcia's in Fort Worth

Kay at Joe T. Garcia May 8, 2017 PDF Format


    Represenetative Kay Granger is the Congressional Sponsor for the USS Fort Worth who Christened 2010, then later commissioned it.


These five Texas Navy Admirals Admirals represented the
Texas Navy Association at the 2010 Christening

Here's the Christening Report

Wise County Messenger report Dec 16, 2010

USS Fort Worth Christening EVENTS

Anchor Dedication USS Fort Worth 2012-08-06

Anchor Report in Wise County Messenger 2012-08-15


USS Fort Worth Commissioned Sept 22, 2012


Wise County Messenger Commissioning Article Sept 26, 2012

Sept 26, 2017 USS Fort Worth - Women in Leadership



Texas Navy Admiral Commission

Here's a positive look at operating local government:

Mayor J. D. Clark of Chico, TX talks about his city's budget

Wise County Messenger Editorial Page September 29, 2012






   Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison with the Sharpes at the 2005
   Texas Society's Black Tie & Boots Presidential Ball in Washington, DC


First Elected to the US Senate in November 2000. She was the first woman elected from Texas as
US Senate. Suzanne was on her original Election Campaign Committee



The George W. Bush Family at the Texas Society's Black Tie & Boots Ball
Wednesday, January 19, 2005, the evening before his second Presidential Inauguration





                       Congresswoman Kay Granger and former Wise County Judge Dick Chase

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 Other Texas Photos:

And here is who will be the very first Representative from the 2011 newly created Texas Congressional District #33

                Mr. Williams speaks at WCRP 2004

Texas Former Secretary of State, Roger Williams  is
in Office as of February 8, 2005 through 2007, appointed by Gov. Rick Perry

He was an announced candidate for U.S. Congress in the newly created Texas District #33, and I supported him whole heartedly! He won! He is the 2017 President of the Texas State Society of Washington D. C.!



Senator Craig Estes with Suzanne Sharpe and the Sharpe's
four Grand Children @ Wise County Republican Women's rally October 2004


    Texas House of Representative Phil King, District #61




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Wise County Messnger Second Best Story of the Year - Republicas dominate local elections.
Front Page in all its glory


Suzanne Sharpe, 2009 President of            Gov. Rick Perry, Governor of Texas
Wise Republican Women,  
                        He sings in DC during Inaugural Week 2005

and in 2017, he was nominated by President Trump to be Energy Department Secretary

The Wise County of Texas
Federation of Republican Women



D. A. Sharpe joins Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson (R) for the Texian Navy
Day Cerebration in the Texas State Cemetery in Austin on September 15, 2007. After he stepped
down from that office, she served as President of the Texas Navy Association Boatd of Directors


Christmas at the Governor's Mansion - Austin, Texas

Christmas at the Governor's

Gov Rick Perry with Suzanne and D. A. Sharpe, December 10, 2005

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Pictures from President George Bush Inauguration weekend of Jan. 20, 2001:

The Wise County Republican web page is at 

Texas Legislature's 66th birthday resolution for D.A. from Representative Phil King


Did you know that:

The First Election in America was in 1607 in Jamestown?




All you need to know about WORDS


The Possible Danger in a Democracy

Sharpe Steps Down As County Chair



National Day of Prayer, Wise County, May 4, 2017 HTML Version



National Day of Prayer, Wise County, May 4, 2017 PDF Version


National Day of Prayer, Wise County Messenger Published May 10, 2017

National Day of Prayer, Bridgeport Index, Published May 11, 2017






Mentoring Young Millennial Women Into Political Circles in Tarrant County, TX


Montana, where our son, Todd Sharpe lives with his family, is where the state's onev and only Congressman was Ryan Zinke. Suzanne and I, along with grandchildren Jack and Lily Westmoreland, visited with Zinke at Congressman Roger Willima' Ranch in Parker County, TX in 2015. Now, Zinke is U.S. Secretary of the Interior (That's National Parks, etc.) Here is an early article on Zinke's work as Secretary:



What You Cannot Do

















Kay Bailey Hutchison's position on abortion




















Kay at Joe T. Garcia May 8, 2017 HTML Format




Northwest Independend School District Bond Election Results May 6, 2017