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Finding out who D. A. Sharpe is


In 2017-18 Work is being done on an Autobiography

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Here's a College Course in Government & Politics


Famous Americans Related to Our Family


How is our nation's government structured?

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An HTML Version of the Governance Paper




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Suzanne Sharpe Home Page

Simple Map Directions to our Ranch Home

Links to Driving Directions to come to the Ranch



How to compose a biographical sketch


How a Writer Should Structure a Book



What's the Difference Between Halloween and All Saints' Day?


The Halleluah Chorus Tradition

This tells about King George II an George F. Handel and The Messiah



Taylor Sharpe's Software Development

Business Page (he's my son)




Texas Trivia Tidits

Why is Texas so great?  Click Here!



Program Documents

What is a Texas Navy Admiral?



Compare the Ages of Biblical Patriarchs


What Does the Biblical Term "1,000 Generations" mean?


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2012 Trip to Israel



Some Fun Links:

Putting God in the Center of Things

An Explanation of God

Rebekah is like the Church

What is a Southern Girl and GRITS?

Is the Peace Symbol Anti-Christian?



Here is an Interactive Aerial Map of where the Ranch House is located.


101 Scripture Verses for Healing PDF


English King James I (Report)



National Day of Prayer, May 3, 2018

Wise County Courthouse, Decatur, Texas


Bridgeport Index Newspaper on National Day of Prayer


Just WHY should we pray for Government?


Scriptures In Praying for Government






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